LEAVE.EU posted an item about “Racism,” on it`s Facebook page earlier today.


Don`t know much about the guy in the graphic image, but what he says about “Racism” is true.

Whenever I was a child I never ever heard the words “racist” or “racism”  being used, they seemed to creep into the vocabulary of the British nation, around the end of the 1960`s and early 1970`s

Since then, news stories about someone, or some institution being “racist” occur in the media everyday.

It only takes someone to look at someone else in the wrong way, and they are instantly branded “a racist!”

Whenever I was a young man, I had a great interest in football. Never supported Liverpool but I did like the late Bill Shankly.

An in-depth interview with Bill Shankly appeared in a publication, I am pretty sure it was not in a newspaper, something in my mind tells me, it appeared in one of the football magazine publications, like “Jimmy Hill`s Football Weekly”, or “Goal” magazine.

Jimmy Hill`s Football Weekly

Jimmy Hills Football Weekly -002b

GOAL Magazine


Goal Magazine front page

The interviewer asked Bill Shankly, How do you go about building a successful football team?

Shankly replied, Every successful football team needs three Scotsmen to give it a bit of backbone and a bit of steel! BUT you cannot have anymore than three Scotsmen, if you have anymore than three, they will start arguing and fighting among themselves! The Scots are a very self-destructive race of people, you see!

Imagine if Bill Shankly was alive today, and he made those remarks? He would be hounded out of football for being “racist,” and if he happened to have social media accounts he would be bombarded with insults!

Most likely he would end up having to go and live abroad in order to escape from the situation.

All Shankly was doing, was expressing what he has found from his own experience, to be a trait of Scottish people, and to be quite honest, there does seem to be a large element of truth in the sentiments he expressed

Plus, you could almost express the same sentiments about people of Irish descent!

Here is a video of Bill Shankly below, as you can see from the video, he was a very down to earth and plain speaking man.

On a few occasions I have searched for the interview on the internet, but it is nowhere to be found. However someone else must have asked Shankly the same question at a different time, he gave a shorter reply which summed up the same thing.

It can be found at following  link, If you’ve got three Scots in your side, you’ve got a chance of winning something. If you’ve got any more, you’re in trouble.

It is quote number 4.

God created all the races from which the nations are formed, and the races have their own distinct natures.

Ishmael is the great example of this.

Genesis 16:11 And the angel of the LORD said unto her, Behold, thou art with child, and shalt bear a son, and shalt call his name Ishmael; because the LORD hath heard thy affliction.
12 And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.

Ishmael and the descendants of Ishmael will have the national characteristics of being people who are wild, troublesome and very difficult to control.

Most of the Arab nations are descended from Ishmael, and you do not need to be a genius to notice that the Arab nations are not really suited to a “democratic” type of government.

Arab nations generally need to be governed by a very strong, ruthless dictator, as it is the only form of government which will keep them in check, and it is the only form of government which will prevent them from slaughtering each other and everyone else whom they take umbrage against!

The foolish notion which the USA had of trying to bring, or enforce so-called “democracy” on the Arab nations is doomed to failure!

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