I cannot understand why people are getting worked up about Theresa`s prosposed “Talks Circus.”

You cannot have a real “Talks Circus” without a “Jesuit Ringmaster” can you?

In 1998 the GFA sell out circus had the Jesuit stooge George Mitchell as “Ringmaster.”


George Mitchell, linked to the Jesuits of Georgetown University and the CFR.

Then in 2006 we had the St Andrews Circus with Vatican stooge Phoney Blair as “Ringmaster.” Phoney has openly admitted his love for the Vatican, though he was a covert Vatican stooge for a very long time.


After that we had the Hillsborough circus in 2010 with another Vatican stooge, Gordon Brown, as “Ringmaster.” All it took was Gordon Brown and a couple of “Super Injunctions”, before you knew it, it was Hey Presto and another kick in the teeth for the “Unionist” community.


The Kincora Old Boys were totally opposed to policing and justice powers being devolved to Stormont but they suddenly changed their minds at Hillsborough.


Not so long ago we had Dickie Haass, another Vatican puppet, he is a big-shot in the CFR, it is a Vatican controlled front organisation.

Which “Jesuit Ringmaster” do you think they will get this time? Billy Clinton perhaps??? lol lol

Billy Clinton is a numskull, if he had not been linked to the Jesuits of Georgetown he would never, never, never,never have become the President of the USA.  Billy was influenced by key Jesuit strategist Carrol Quigley.

Women can be very dangerous lol lol

It just goes to show you how the Jesuits are adroit enough to use anyone no matter what their background is. There are very naive people who think the Jesuits only use Roman Catholics, lol lol.

They are happy to use people from a Muslim background, a Jewish background, an apostate “Protestant” background, it is like they always say, “The ends justify the means!”

Naturally you cannot have a real circus without the “CLOWNS.”

The “Clowns” have been queuing up to become part of the latest circus.  Field Marshall Jeffrey Lundy has been to the front of the queue. All he wants is an inquiry into the North Belfast parade situation and he will put on his clown`s outfit instantly.


An inquiry into the North Belfast parade situation is not enough. The disputed parade must be allowed to finish it`s journey before participation in any talks can be considered.

Plus, there is another matter which shows just how great clowns Jeffrey and his colleagues are.  You would think anyone with a shred of humanity would want to find out who murdered their colleague? Not so with Jeffrey and the Lundy gang, they never give the murder of Robert Bradford a thought in the midst of their political machinations!


Now they are in the position to draw up a “circus talks shopping list” you would have thought they would be demanding a Public Inquiry into the murder of the late Robert Bradford MP before even considering taking part in any “talks circus.”

It maybe my simple mind at work, but I would imagine the call for a Public Inquiry into the murder of the late Robert Bradford MP would be something that ALL “Unionists” could unite behind.  What it needs at the moment, is for the political parties of “Unionism” to place it in a very prominent position on the political agenda.

Do you still think the Circus will be coming to town?

PS, I did mention Jeffrey Lundy in the context of the Bradford murder a few weeks ago.


John 8:44 Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.


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