The short paragraph below is from local woman Lyra McKee`s innovative Book/Investigation/Journalism project. She has just updated a new chapter a few days ago.  If you want to read the whole thing at the minute, you will have to subscribe to the Beaconreader project.


“Weeks before his murder, Robert Bradford confided in a Conservative Party member that he had concerns about activity in East Belfast – what exactly, he never said.  Over 30 years later, senior Unionist figures including local Member of Parliament (MP) Jeffrey Donaldson and former Ulster Unionist Party leader Jim Molyneaux have expressed suspicions about the murder.”


She has revealed that local MP Jeffrey Lundy of the Kincora Old Boys  contacted her and wanted to meet.  By the way, you should know Jeffrey likes to watch movies when he is in hotel rooms, just to pass the time.

Anyway, Jeffrey has informed Lyra McKee that James Molyneaux a former “Unionist” MP and Lundy has had suspicions about the murder of Robert Bradford and suspected “dirty tricks”, plus he claims Enoch Powell the former MP had suspicions as well!


So according to Lyra Mckee, Molyneaux has had suspicions for a very long time and Donaldson has been aware of these suspicions for a very long time but they both chose to remain silent about the whole thing???

McKee has now had a meeting with Molyneaux, he is in an old folks home, and it now seems Robert Bradford “passed something” to Molyneaux before he was murdered.

As far as I am concerned the whole thing stinks to high heavens. Molyneaux has had a whole political career and a prominent positon in UK politics, he had the means and he had the opportunity to make his suspicions known yet he did nothing!  At one time he actually held the balance of power at Westmonster and John Major needed his support.

He had all this going in his favour and still he did nothing!

There is now enough information in the public domain about Kincora, McGrath and sundry other individuals for the public to form a pretty accurate view of what was going on.

I am convinced the real reason why Molyneaux kept his big mouth shut all this time is because he and his former political mentor were involved in the whole thing, right up  to their necks!

No wonder Bradford was murdered, to be quite honest, he never stood a chance.

I can only wonder why that slimy rat Jeffrey Lundy has now come forward with information after keeping his big mouth shut for so long. Perhaps he is trying a little bit of mis-direction?

At least you now know who you need to go to if you have any secrets you need kept secret. Molyneaux and Jeffrey Lundy seem to be the experts at keeping their mouths tightly shut.

Why have they not spoken out sooner ???????????

The title of Lyra`s latest chapter is;

“There is something not right in the East.”


How low can so-called “Unionist” politicians sink? Both Molyneaux and Jeffrey Lundy have had the privileged position, the opportunities and the financial means to have deeply investigated the murder of one of their colleagues and what did they do?

They did nothing, they left it all up to a young girl!

Two reprobates the pair of them!

Psalm 36:3 The words of his mouth are iniquity and deceit: he hath left off to be wise, and to do good.

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