I have updated this a bit but it may seem a bit mixed up as I have only done it in bits and pieces at a time. I will look at it tomorrow and try to make it clearer.


A few weeks ago I carried out a little experiment relating to “Collusion.” Most people will have heard of the law firm KEVIN WINTERS, they have gained quite a reputation over the last few years, as they seem to take up “High profile” cases, many related to “Collusion” claims.

I was seeking some legal advice about an incident which happened in 2008 which may be related to the book above. I have referred to the incident an article “ALL THESE THINGS ARE AGAINST ME part 4.”

The authorities actually came to my house when I was in bed at approx 1.00am and sectioned me for no good reason. The strange thing was, I was to catch a ferry 6 hours later to meet the author of the book for a second time.

So, I was looking for some legal advice to find out if I could take legal action for this unnecessary and unwarranted sectioning.  My question was posted to KEVIN WINTERS via their website.

Guess what? They never even replied. I can only assume that KEVIN WINTERS merely wishes to pursue the “Republican agenda” regarding “Collusion” and they have no intention in taking up a case which starts to look at REAL COLLUSION.

Is “John Black” and James Leonard Clarke the same person?



There are somethings about the book which the public are unaware of.

As I have written in a previous article, I travelled to Scotland to meet the author of the book and he explained to me the whole background to it and the publisher`s plans

1 The book was the product of two people.

2 The author had no experience of collusion.

3 The secondary person involved  was alleged to have had first hand knowledge of collusion and proof of that first hand knowledge.

4 The publisher insisted the book should be written as a composite of the two people in an attempt to make it harder to identify who “John Black” really was.

5 The secondary person involved in producing this book who allegedly had the proof, I now suspect is dead.

6. There is a link between this book and the murders of Trevor King, Colin Craig and David Hamilton which took place on the Shankhill in 1994.

After meeting the author for the first time and getting the background information I came home. A few days later I sent an email to a friend in Israel briefly outlining what had taken place and the plans of the publisher.

I then arranged to go back and meet the author again a few weeks later. Six hours before I was due to catch the ferry I was taken from my home and sectioned for no reason.

So I have never been able to meet the author again to find out what had been going on.

In 2010 a very amusing incident occurred. A guy was executed if Dubai and they used British, Irish and a few other nations passports  to do it.

One of the fake passports had the identity of James Leonard Clarke, and the guy in the photo is an exact replica of the guy who wrote the book.  It is not him of course, but it looks like a cloned version of him Maybe they clone people as well as passports?

As I have mentioned before REAL COLLUSION is not about the “British”intelligence services, or elements of the “British” intelligence service colluding with “Loyalist” para-militaries. Real collusion is much more insidious and wide-ranging than that and it reaches into every sphere of society.

To carry out real collusion, the spooks have to control people in all the political parties, they have to control people in the legal profession, they need to have control of people in the medical professions, they need to control people in the media industry, it is so widespread, they have to control people in every sphere of life and they do just that.

So, if you want to talk about “REAL COLLUSION” I am all for it but it will not be just about “Loyalist para-militaries” it will be taking in every section and level of  society.

Somehow I get the impression people just do not want to do that.

If you want to study REAL COLLSION, Gehlen is the man to look at.

Proverbs 22:29
Seest thou a man diligent in his business? he shall stand before kings; he shall not stand before mean men.

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