Out of curiosity I took a walk over the Queen`s Road to see if I could get any video of the preparations for Carl`s fight.

My perception of the event is different to what is actually taking place.  I thought the fight venue was to be on the old Titanic slipways. It turns out I am very much mistaken.

The event is taking place beside the slipways not on them. In reality the whole thing has nothing to do with the Titanic at all!

It would be more precise to call the fight, “The Queen`s Road Showdown” rather than “The Titanic Showdown.”

My title, “The Queen`s Road Showdown” is much more suitable as it recognises the role Peter Pinnochio Punt the leader of the Kincora Old Boys Association had in the whole venture.

After all, the Kincora Old Boys is full of “closet Queens.” Maybe a better name would be, “The Closet Queen`s Road Showdown,” if that was the name the whole DUP would be there!!!!

It is just typical, everything Peter Pinnochio Punt has ever been involved in has always been one big misleading con.

Do you remember “The Ulster Resistance?????”

“But it added: “Our contacts with unionist leaders and intelligence analysis suggest that while there will probably be some violence, widespread violence and industrial action are not very likely.”

Isaiah 9:16 speaks of leaders who were misleading their people.

“For the leaders of this people cause them to err; and they that are led of them are destroyed.”

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