I will be very surprised if lots of people have not made the same mistake as me regarding this matter.

For most of my life I had always thought the famous song, “The 40 shades of Green” was an old Irish folksong, possibly over a hundred years old!

I suspect one of the reasons for this impression comes hearing my parents and relatives sing it. Plus hearing the likes of Ruby Murray sing it on the old gramophone records.

Then one day a friend told me it was actually written by Johnny Cash in the 1960s!

Here is one version where Cash gives one date.

Here is another version where he gives a different date. It is a lovely tune no matter when it was composed.

Did you think it was an old Irish folksong?

I am dedicating these video clips to those wannabee “Satirists” who will soon be “40 shades of black and blue.” Don`t worry Lads, your sense of humour will see you through the most painful of experiences.

Though I suspect yours will be very painful once people realise you never once used your “Platform” to expose any SUPER INJUNCTIONS. Too frightened I suppose? Or perhaps you were unaware of them?

It is just the same old story and the same old question over and over again. “For whom are you doing it?”

Proverbs 27:22 Though thou shouldest bray a fool in a mortar among wheat with a pestle, yet will not his foolishness depart from him.

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