All governments in the world know, if you double-cross 17.4 million of your citizens, eventually genuine protests will spring up spontaneously in various parts of the country which the government will not be able to control.

Their intelligence agencies will tell them this, as they are generally staffed by people who have a good knowledge of history and all the espionage techniques used to control nations, down through the centuries.

The double-crossing government will be advised not to let this happen, they will be advised to instead set up a phoney protest movement which will be covertly controlled by government forces and will be used to lead unsuspecting protesters up the garden path, and also used to discredit the cause they are protesting about.

The technique is called “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION,” it very rarely fails. It looks as if it is about to be launched in the UK quite soon.


Do not be fooled by the picture, it was not invented by the Communists, it existed long before they came into being.

The poor people in this video were the victims of “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION.” They could not bring themselves to believe that ALL their leaders were traitors and covertly controlled by the government.

They were warned about what was going to happen to them, but they could not take it in, it seemed too fantastic to be true.

They found out to their cost just how effective “CONTROLLED OPPOSITION” can be!

If you go to someone involved in a protest movement which has 10 leaders and tell them, “You need to be careful, one of your leaders will be a traitor and he will sell you out!”  They will accept that as possible, however if you tell them “All your leaders are traitors and they will all sell you out!” that they cannot grasp, it is to fantastical to take in, sadly it is the way life works!

Skilful deception is one of the hallmarks of the last days.

2 Tim 3:13 “But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.”

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