Terrorists and their active and passive supporters rule the roost in N.Ireland, they have achieved this due to the treacherous political leaderships of ALL the so-called “Unionist” parties.

It is the RA5 terrorists who get all the inquiries and police investigations, it is the RA5 terrorists and supporters who get all the large compensation claims, it is the RA5 terrorists and supporters who get the local Police manipulated to suit their agenda.

It is also the RA5 terrorists and their supporters who receive important assistance from a substantial section of the local MSM in their perverse attempt to rewrite history.

Most importantly, it is the RA5 terrorists who have their criminal pasts covered up by the so-called “British” establishment, in order to hide the fact most of the RA5 “terrorists,” were in fact active informants, who were allowed to kill in order to maintain their “cover.” Even worse, the RA5 terrorists are allowed to portray themselves as “Victims.”

Proof One, new investigation. They have no chance getting anywhere with this, the Loyalists involved are now dead! lol

Proof Two, massive compensation pay outs for those involved in an illegal march.

Proof three, police force manipulated.

Proof four, RA5 bomber is on “VICTIMS” panel.

RA5 terrorist Robert McClenaghan`s attempt to rewrite history can be laughed at below.

A vivid snapshot of the terrocratic N.Ireland today taken from Psalm 12. Provided by courtesy of inept and treacherous “political unionism.”

Psalm 12:8 The wicked walk on every side, when the vilest men are exalted.

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