Yesterday a very interesting transcript was uploaded to the HIA website.  It was the transcript of Monday 20th June, Day 211.

The main substance of the transcript was dealing with the past and present testimonies of Richard Kerr, plus outlining his present position of not having any further co-operation with the present cover-up.

In his latest statement to the inquiry dated 2015, he says he was working in a London Hotel after he left Kincora, and was surprised to see Ian Paisley staying in that particular hotel. He goes on to say he got the impression Ian Paisley knew he was working there.

Richard Kerr claims he approached Ian Paisley and told him he had been in Kincora and what had happened to him. He further claims Ian Paisley told him, “To  say nothing about it!”

Kerr then claims he was visited by police or security service people a short time later and was told by them to keep his mouth shut.

So far at the latest Kincora cover-up it has been claimed Ian Paisley was actually witnessed visting Kincora to see William McGrath.

It has now been put into the public domain by Richard Kerr that Ian Paisley told him, “not to say anything.”

Just what Ian Paisley`s link to William McGrath and Kincora is, remains  a mystery to the general public but I am sure that it is not a mystery to MI5.

I am convinced this mysterious Kincora link has been used to bring about the evil St Andrews betrayal.

At no time since 2006 has any DUP leader or Ian Paisley himself ever been able to publicly state a convincing reason for entering into such an agreement. As a matter of fact, over the years they have given numerous conflicting reasons for their treachery!

The transcript relating to Richard Kerr of the 20th June, Day 211 has now been replaced on the HIA site.  It had disappeared for a while.

Here is a snip-shot from page 198 of  Day 211 transcript.


2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

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