Phony Blair`s handwritten pledges in Coleraine

Phony Blair`s handwritten pledges in Coleraine

It has taken the Official Lundy party 17 years to come to the conclusion, “THERE WAS AN ALTERNATIVE AFTER ALL.”

The party which was to the fore in berating opposition to the treacherous and deceitful GFA with the cliché, “There is NO alternative,” has found there was an alternative.

Sadly their alternative is not based on doing what is morally right, it is based upon political expedience.

All the Unionist parties knew the IRA/MI5 movement was still in existence and they were happy to play along with the charade in order to fill their pockets with terrocratic loot.

Who can ever forget Phony Blair’s five pledges. note particularly the 4th point!

Earlier, Mr Blair gave the people of Northern Ireland five handwritten pledges:

  • No change to the status of Northern Ireland without the express consent of the people
  • The power to take decisions to be returned from London to Northern Ireland, with accountable North-South co-operation
  • Fairness and equality for all
  • Those who use or threaten violence to be excluded from the government of Northern Ireland
  • Prisoners to be kept in prison unless violence is given up for good

From another article, a reminder that the Lundies of 1998 are still very much part and parcel of the “Unionist treachery ” of  today, no matter how much they try to re-invent themselves as UKIP “Patriots.”

“The audience included a number of senior Orangemen, among whom Mr David McNarry pronounced himself pleased with Mr Blair’s “reassuring words”. But it was the effect of the pledges on those outside the walls that was being guessed at.”

Psalm 55:11 Wickedness is in the midst thereof: deceit and guile depart not from her streets.

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