At the moment there are allegations being made that Alastair McDonnell is the the newest owner of a Super Injunction and that he has been questioned by the police about historic sex abuse.

This could all be total nonsense as well as being part of a “dirty tricks” campaign.

Personally I blame Kyle Paisley aka Kyle Lundy for this situation.

If he had done as I suggested and gone on to “his friend”  Stephen Nolan`s radio show and got the matter of whether Stephen Nolan has a Super Injunction or not out into the open, the whole matter of Super Injunctions could be sorted out once and for all.

I also suspect Kyle failed to get onto “his friend”  Creepy Crawley`s radio show as well.  I have not looked yet but I also presume he has not used “his friend” Eamon Mallie`s website to write an article about Super Injunctions either.

There is not much good in Kyle having access to all these MSM outlets and not using them to highlight matters which are in the public good is there?

There is no point in being a “media darling” if you do not use it to the betterment of society is there?

Super Injunctions poison the atmosphere of any society in which they thrive. They poison the “political atmosphere” in a pretty toxic way.

I have absolutely no idea if Alastair McDonell has a Super Injunction or not but it is important that the public know the allegations are being made. That way the victim of the allegations is given the opportunity to make a public statement denying the matter.

If it transpired that such allegations are true Alastair McDonnell would be forced to resign as MP and we would have a bye election in South Belfast.

So who stands to gain most from this situation?

The links below provide background reading relating to this matter.



James 4:17  Therefore to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth it not, to him it is sin.

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