Kyle with his Ma before she became

Kyle with his Ma before she became “The Baroness”

I have now added more to this article.


I see my ex old friend Mr Kyle Lundy has become a bit of a “Media Darling.” He seems to have an open line to the  Creepy Crawley show, plus I have heard he has been on with the biggest mouth in the country as well, plus he seems to have teamed up with the repulsive Eamon Mallie.

Let me have a think and see what we can get Kyle on the radio to talk about?

I know, we could get him to talk about the time he was telling me  about the “Spiritual giant” of a student they had in  the Whitefield College of the Bible when Kyle was there.

He told me the guy was such a Spiritual giant  and such a paragon of virtue that he actually travelled into the Bogside on a regular basis to “bring the Gospel” to a Roman Catholic priest! Just imagine that, a Protestant student minister risking his life to bring the Gospel to a poor benighted priest in the Bogside.

I said, “Wise up Kyle, the guy is a fruit merchant, why else would anyone want to sneak into the Bogside to meet a Roman Catholic priest?”

Sometime later I had the misfortune to meet this “Spiritual giant.” Kyle introduced me to him in the Ichabod memorial. The pair of them along with hundreds of other gullible fools had got themselves involved in the astoundingly phony “Ulster Resistance” hoax.

The priest visiting “Spiritual giant” actually had the cheek to tell me they had, “One hundred thousand men ready to fight and die for Ulster!” Whenever I laughed at him  he got quite upset, he got even more upset when I said,” You may well get one hundred thousand women ready to fight and die for Ulster but you will not get one hundred thousand men!”

When  he heard that he became almost like a hysterical woman, he was actually screaming, “There is!  There is! There is! one hundred thousand men!”

By this stage even Kyle was laughing at him!

Sometime later the “Spiritual giant” did actually go to jail but he did not go to jail “For God and Ulster,” he went to jail for sexually abusing a young boy in a Pink Presbyterian church hall in Finaghy. His name was Ronald Chalmers.

Ronald Chalmers

Ronald Chalmers

He has since tried to re-invent himself as some sort of “Messianic leader.” I think it would be a very good thing if Mr Ronald Chalmers was added to the current HIA inquiry. It would very interesting to find out how and why the Pink Presbyterian denomination did not heed warnings they were supposed to have been given about Ronald Chalmers? If they had heeded the warnings at least one young boy would not have been abused.

What with all his visits to Roman Catholic priests in the Bogside and I have been informed since he liked to lurk in the public toilets in Banbridge I am sure Mr Chalmers has quite a story to tell.

Apparently he actually had the nerve to drive down to Banbridge with a girlfriend, then he parked in the carpark near the public toliets, left the girlfriend in the car and went to meet however he had arranged to meet in the toilets.

The poor girl had absolutely no idea what was going on, she thought he was a genuine “Christian minister or student minister” and he stopped at the toilets because he needed to go to the lavatory! Sick or What?

I really do think it would be good to have a real inquiry into the activities of Mr Chalmers. Apparently there is a story he actually tried to “touch up” Ian Brown the current minister of the Icabod Memorial! lol lol lol Perhaps the local MSM whores should look into the story.

Maybe even Eamon Mallie will cover it on his site? lol lol lol

By the way Kyle`s enthusiam to fight for “God and Ulster” diminshed somewhat once I showed him a REAL GUN!


Uncle Andy, Big Mervyn, Red Hand Luke and Pastor Begbie could put on a cracker of a satirical show at the Grand Opera House, it would be a sell out!

The Pink Presbyterian Ulster Resistance Your wildest nightmares have come true!

What else could we get Kyle to talk about on the radio? Oh I know a good one. He could get on the phone to Creepy Crawley and tell us all about the “cheating scandal” which took place in the Whitefield Bible College in 1990. I am sure that topic  would draw a good audience to a radio show. Cheating at exams in a Bible College, what a story? Have you ever heard the like of it? Kyle could tell us how the cheating was carried out, when it started, how long it was going on and if any of it was “covered up.”

The public have a right to know don`t you think?

Are you still enjoying being a MEDIA DARLING KYLE?

This will be updated later when I think of more stuff Kyle could tell us on the radio.


This is the updated bit.

I am very angry with myself, I have just had a great idea but what makes me angry is “WHY DID I NOT THINK OF IT EARLIER?”

Since Kyle now has easy access to the biggest mouth in the countries radio show, Kyle is exactly the man who is now in the position to clear up a certain matter. As the saying goes, “Cometh the hour, cometh the man!”

Kyle can get on the the radio show tomorrow morning and get the whole matter of whether Stephen Nolan has a Super Injunction or not out into the open?  Kyle now has the opportunity to put the matter to bed once and for all.

Plus, Kyle`s forage into the matter can then be a opportunity for the public to get a real discussion about whether Super Injunctions are a good idea or not into the open.

If he suddenly finds he cannot get on the the Nolan show in the morning, for some strange reason, he can get on to the Creepy Crawley show at 12 noon and have him discuss the matter of whether there is any sex perverts in the BBC and if there are any Super Injunctions covering up their activities.

When Kyle deals with that matter he can then move on to the matter of the “DUP CAUGHT IN GAY VIDEO STING” video. Kyle can ask if it is true that a “local newspaper” caught a DUP member in a video sting and  is there widespread knowledge about this amongst local MSM whores?

I am obviously referring to one Mr Paul Stewart who  retired from politics due to “health reasons.”

The question is; Where did the video go and why was there never any news story about it?

Once Kyle deals with these matters on the Nolan show tomorrow morning or the Creepy Crawley show at dinner time we can then move on to other matters which Kyle can help us to dealt with?

In the meantime here is a little video.

Proverbs 27:22 Though thou shouldest bray a fool in a mortar among wheat with a pestle, yet will not his foolishness depart from him.

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