Over the last few days a number of articles have claimed various personalities have been chosen to stand as lundy candidates for their perspective Lundy parties.   This serves to highlight the fact that “political Unionism” seems to find it impossible to forge common ground when it comes to scenarios which theoretically should strengthen Unionism and give a confidence booster to the general “Unionist community” at large.

They find it impossible to create a formula for “Unionist unity” or to create a formula which allows a mutually agreed candidate to stand in borderline constituencies.

Contrast this with the seeming haste and loudly proclaimed “Unionist unity” which can be achieved when it comes to undermining and scuppering any effective protest which may have taken place on the 12th day of July 2014.

They had no problem forming a “Unionist unity” in order to dupe the general “Unionist community” with their Graduated Response hoax.  Indeed anyone who spoke out and warned the public about the Graduated Response betrayal was portrayed as “a threat to Unionist unity and a trouble maker.”

It is time for people to start asking, “Who is REALLY controlling the major “Unionist parties” and what purposes are they really serving?”

At the present moment it looks like the major “Unionist parties” only exist in order to weaken, demoralise and bring about the eventually destruction of the Unionist community.

When it comes to promoting Unionist strength, they cannot create “Unionist Unity?”

When it comes to undermining Unionism and undermining REAL Unionist protest they can create “Unionist Unity?”

2 Thessalonians 2:7 For the mystery of iniquity doth already work:

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