Apparently this week`s Spotlight programme has caused a big stir in the public arena. I have not seen it so I cannot say much about it.

For overseas readers I will inform you it is about a young woman who claims she was raped as a 16 year old by a member of IRA/MI5.

It seems the rest of IRA/MI5 covered the whole story up, of course they seem to have had a bit of help from the local police, the Prosecution service and possibly the highest levels of  the “British” government.

To be quite honest I am beginning to suspect Gerry Pinnochio Adams is the head of MI5 and not merely a tout agent!

How has he got away with it all?

Just as an aside, I find it very strange that this week`s Spotlight programme has generated such a media follow up BUT last week`s Spotlight programme about Kincora seemed to disappear from the media radar without trace?

Here is a link to the SPOTLIGHT PROGRAMME on iPlayer.

Anne Travers and Mairia Cahall must be the two females most hated by all IRA/MI5 agents.

Here is a link to Anne Travers Twitter feed.

Here is a link to Mairia Cahill`s Twitter feed.

Here is a video about Gerry`s employers.  If you listen closely at about 50 secs on the timeline the interviewer has just asked him, “What do Republicans live on,” meaning where do they get their money from; Gerry hilariously replies, “They rely on the charity of people!”

It is a good clip for the “body language” experts. Gerry`s body language is obviously crying out,” I am an MI5 tout I do not have money worries!”

Proverbs 1:22 How long, ye simple ones, will ye love simplicity? and the scorners delight in their scorning, and fools hate knowledge?

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