Earlier this afternoon I had an appointment at my solicitors. The purpose of the appointment was to receive a caution relating to my arrest and questioning on the 12 /11/3013.

I wrote this article about the incident. “ALL THESE THINGS ARE AGAINST ME PART FOUR.”

At the end of the article I had stated that I would upload the audio of the statements of the two complainants. It turns out I am not allowed to do that.

However all the audio tapes of the police interviews should be in my possession in the next few weeks.

In the article I mentioned that I suspected that I had been spiked with drugs in 1998. At the same time the cars of some of my friends had paint thrown over them. Well, now I am seriously pondering reporting the matter to the police to have them investigate the whole affair.  The problem is, one of the suspects is no longer with us.

I am also considering taking action on a few other matters.

The big problem with reporting crime to the police is the way the police treat people with contempt. They will keep you sitting for ages waiting until someone can see you. Then after keeping you waiting for ages, they will tell you no one will be able to see you at all that particular day or night.

Then they will tell you, you have to call back some other time. They make a big effort to put people of especially when they are protecting their own informants.

If you want the police to treat you decently when reporting a crime you need to have a solicitor present with you.

1 Kings 3:25 And the king said, Divide the living child in two, and give half to the one, and half to the other.

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