An unusually perceptive article appeared in the Lundyletter a few days ago, what is even more unusual was the fact it was penned by Mad Dog McBride. It is so far removed from his usual gibberish I am wondering if he really wrote it or not?

The article makes it clear that NO “Unionist” party has the support of the majority of “Unionists,” this means that NO “Unionist” party leader can claim to be the leader of the majority of “Unionists.”


The beauty of this situation means it is difficult for any party to carry out further acts of treachery at the behest of the “British,” American or Irish governments.

It also means Peter Hocus Pocus Pinnochio Punt is of no further use to the “British,” American or Irish governments. In short Peter is now expendable!

Quite a few individuals pointed out the very big drop in electoral support for the Kincora Old Boys from their electoral peak around approximately 2005.  The treacherous policies adopted by the KOBA since those heady days has seen their support gradually erode.

When you combine the deceit carried out by KOBA and link it to the personality of Peter Hocus Pocus it is easy to understand why people are rapidly loosing confidence in them.  Peter has turned into a one man political wrecking ball as far as his party is concerned.

Today PETER IS NOTHING MORE  THAN A  BELEAGUERED DOORMAT, that is how he is finishing his career and that is what his legacy will be.

However, when we look at the situation a little closer we must draw the conclusion that Peter must stay on as leader. He is doing such magnificent damage to the KOB that he must stay as leader for another 5 years, at the end of that period they will be fortunate to gather 50,000 votes in total and they will  have virtually ceased to exist as a political entity.

When you also realise a huge amount of effort has been spent by “the powers that be” in covering up many explosive scandals linked to the KOB, you have to come to the conclusion they will be fortunate to gather as many as 10,000 votes in five years time if the whole truth emerged!

Peter must be allowed to fulfil his destiny as the wrecker of the treacherous and deceitful DUP!


James 1:18 A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.

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