Mr K

Mr K

I have very bad news to break to the public. There is great perplexity about who was behind the trouble which erupted on Friday night.  It looks suspiciously like it was an MI5 “dirty tricks” operation.

A very, very , very sinister figure was seen in Royal Avenue mingling amongst the protestors.  The man is “allegedly” a long term MI5 asset.  No doubt the PSNI know exactly who the particular individual is but they will turn a blind eye to  his activities because he is “allegedly” linked to the infamous Kincora scandal.

For legal purposes we will call him Mr K.

If the PSNI do not know who the sinister figure is they should contact Chris Moore or Henry McDonald for information.  Henry McDonald has hinted at this evil character in the past but he has never revealed his identity.

This is what Henry McDonald once wrote about the shady Mr K

“The spiritual head of the group is another self-appointed pastor who belongs to a British Israelite sect and has been associated with loyalist terrorism since the beginning of the Troubles. He was a personal friend of William McGrath, the ‘beast of Kincora’, another extreme loyalist British-Israelite who raped and assaulted young boys in his care at the home he ran in east Belfast.
McGrath’s former comrade was also a close associate of John McKeague, who was shot dead by the INLA in 1982 and had been working for British military intelligence for over a decade.
The survivor of this bizarre Bible-bashing trio is a prolific writer who pens many of the Red Hand Defenders’ statements and gives theological justification for their campaign of sectarian murder and intimidation. In the past he has even been seen in north Belfast with a badge stating that ‘Ulster needs ethnic cleansing’. His dream is to establish an army of militant born-again Ulster Christians modelled on the far-right militias of the United States. Their fight will not only be with republicanism but also Roman Catholicism.”

The whole of the N.Ireland population needs to be aware of MI5 “DIRTY TRICKS.”

The world is a very evil place don`t you think?

This is what a friend wrote about it.  “If I were a ruthless SOB”
Proverbs 11:14 Where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counsellors there is safety.

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