Last week end I received a military figure collector`s item which I purchased a short time ago. It is a limited edition.

Albert Brown WW1
Limited Edition.

I now have a number of these type of figures. My interest in them is purely as works of art. Guess what ? I have discovered there is quite a bit of wheeling and dealing in these figures.  Certain ones actually shoot up in price, quite like investment opportunities.

A friend alerted me to this fact when this particular item below seemed to quickly jump in price from approx £80 to its current price of £150!

Major Konig

It turns out this is a character out of a fairly recent movie my friend has informed me, hence explaining the feverish popularity.  Seems the company who makes these things only make a limited number, then when they are no longer available the price increases. Cannot understand it myself but there you are.

Ebay must have revolutionised financial speculation in the most  unusual items.  I suppose Peter and Virus will be buying up all the new limited editions and selling them at a huge profit in 4 or 5 months time.

Ecclesiastes 3:6

 6 A time to get, and a time to lose; a time to keep, and a time to cast away;

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