1ST JULY 1916

John 15:13 Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

Poppy Fields

In a town just north of Belfast ,

the white houses row on row,

there was raised an Ulster family,

how proudly they did grow.


Now the proud and happy parents,

watched their son grow to a man,

and they taught him truth and justice,

in this part of Ulsters land.


One day their came a letter,

With his comrades he would go,

To a land across the water,

where the tears and blood would flow.


So he bade farewell to Ulster,

and next morning at the dawn,

a broken hearted mother,

Sent her son off to the SOMME.


One night as she lay sleeping,

in a dream there at the door,

stood a handsome looking soldier,

the KIng’s colours he had on.


He said mother don’t ye know me,

let me in I’m feelin’ cold,

but the crimson blood upon his chest ,

his fateful story told.


In a town just north of Belfast,

where a father proudly cried,

and a broken hearted mother,

wiped the tears falling from her eyes,


At a graveyard north of Theipval ,

the white crosses row on row,

where he sleeps beside this comrades now, i

n a fields where the red Poppies grow .

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