Lord Pink Panther is now in somewhat of a quandary.  Since Arlene has publicly stated some elected representatives of the DUP “COULD BE” perverts, what will Lord Pink Panther do now?

Last night I did hear her say the comments on the UTV webpage.

Lord Pink Panther can hardly pretend he never heard, or read about what has just taken place?

He has no choice but to preach upon the subject, as he is a mighty theologian with a doctor of “Theology” title to his name.

What a terrible shame it would be, if everybody discovered Lord Pink Panther was just, “A Preacher On The Fence.”

There are some great passages of scripture for LPP to preach upon, when he deals with this subject. Passage 1 is below, note the phrase “did evil.”

1 Kings 14:22 And Judah did evil in the sight of the Lord, and they provoked him to jealousy with their sins which they had committed, above all that their fathers had done.

23 For they also built them high places, and images, and groves, on every high hill, and under every green tree.

24 And there were also sodomites in the land: and they did according to all the abominations of the nations which the Lord cast out before the children of Israel.

Passage 2, note the phrase, “did that which was right.”

1 Kings 15:11 And Asa did that which was right in the eyes of the Lord, as did David his father.

12 And he took away the sodomites out of the land, and removed all the idols that his fathers had made.

13 And also Maachah his mother, even her he removed from being queen, because she had made an idol in a grove; and Asa destroyed her idol, and burnt it by the brook Kidron.

14 But the high places were not removed: nevertheless Asa’s heart was perfect with the Lord all his days.

Passage 3, note the phrase, “doing that which was right in the eyes of the Lord.”

41 And Jehoshaphat the son of Asa began to reign over Judah in the fourth year of Ahab king of Israel.

42 Jehoshaphat was thirty and five years old when he began to reign; and he reigned twenty and five years in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Azubah the daughter of Shilhi.

43 And he walked in all the ways of Asa his father; he turned not aside from it, doing that which was right in the eyes of the Lord: nevertheless the high places were not taken away; for the people offered and burnt incense yet in the high places.

44 And Jehoshaphat made peace with the king of Israel.

45 Now the rest of the acts of Jehoshaphat, and his might that he shewed, and how he warred, are they not written in the book of the chronicles of the kings of Judah?

46 And the remnant of the sodomites, which remained in the days of his father Asa, he took out of the land.

Passage 4 contains two portions of scripture to identify the good King and his actions. Note the phrase, “he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.”

This gives the identity.2 Kings 22:1 Josiah was eight years old when he began to reign, and he reigned thirty and one years in Jerusalem. And his mother’s name was Jedidah, the daughter of Adaiah of Boscath.

And he did that which was right in the sight of the Lord, and walked in all the way of David his father, and turned not aside to the right hand or to the left.

This gives just one of his actions. 2 Kings 23:7 And he brake down the houses of the sodomites, that were by the house of the Lord, where the women wove hangings for the grove.

You would think there would be a packed house in Magherafelt when LPP announces he is going to preach on any one of  the above passages?

Does Arlene really think I have been calling the DUP, “The Kincora Old Boys Association,” just for a laugh?

Wonder what Sir Pink Panther has to say, since he is one of those mighty Christians who wears the “wee fish badge?” It must have come as a mighty surprise to Sir Pink Panther, when he heard there could be elected representatives of the DUP who are perverts?


Sir Pink Panther MP with the pervert Molyneaux


Edward Parker Jones is everywhere in the “New Ulster.”


Edward Parker Jones Patron Saint Of Business In The New Ulster


Edward Parker Jones Patron Saint Of Policing In The New Ulster


EPJ Patron Saint Of Journalism In The New Ulster

You would have thought people would have worked out by now what the real motivating factor of Ecumenism is? It is the homosexual perversion, why else would anybody want to get together with RC priests?
It is all so obvious!


Edward Parker Jones Patron Saint Of Religion In The New Ulster

Last night I was just reading an approriate piece of scripture for this topic.  It was telling how there are people who can act just like real believers, in every way, they know all the cliches, the gestures, the phoney smiles, they have the whole thing down to a perfection, so they could easily fool me or you.

They cannot fool the Lord Jesus Christ though! In his good time he exposes them!

Luke 20:20 ¶ And they watched him, and sent forth spies, which should feign themselves just men, that they might take hold of his words, that so they might deliver him unto the power and authority of the governor.
21 And they asked him, saying, Master, we know that thou sayest and teachest rightly, neither acceptest thou the person of any, but teachest the way of God truly:
22 Is it lawful for us to give tribute unto Caesar, or no?
23 But he perceived their craftiness, and said unto them, Why tempt ye me?
24 Shew me a penny. Whose image and superscription hath it? They answered and said, Caesar’s.
25 And he said unto them, Render therefore unto Caesar the things which be Caesar’s, and unto God the things which be God’s.
26 And they could not take hold of his words before the people: and they marvelled at his answer, and held their peace.

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