On the 14th June I made this post about The Red Hand Defenders. Since then an individual has kindly posted quite a few video archives featuring local documentaries.

The particular Spotlight programme I referred to in the article was one of them, I have now posted it here, for all to view.



The South Bank Show, MI6 headquarters

Fall out from the ongoing You tube controversy involving the marching bands, seems to be pointing out, that the nub of this dispute lies in the so-called “Red Hand Defender terror group,” allegations.

There is something about the “Red Hand Defenders” which the population of N.Ireland should be aware of. It is this, the “Red Hand Defenders terrorist group,” never existed!

The “Red Hand Defenders” was a Psych Ops strategy which was designed to demonize the section of the community which rejected the so-called “Belfast Agreement” of 1998.

Anyone who has been a victim, or has a relative who was a victim of the so-called “Red Hand Defenders,” should take legal action against the following people and entities. Naturally, you would need to get the very best legal representation you can find, in order to do this.

  1. Legal action against MI5.
  2. Legal action against the former RUC.
  3. Legal action against Sir Ronnie Flanagan in particular, as he was to the fore in creating the Red Hand Defender myth in the eyes of the general public.
  4. Legal action against the BBC as they produced a very important Spotlight documentary, which helped cement the RHD myth in the minds of the public. Details of the programme can be found at this link. Spotlight, ‘An Unholy War’, BBC Northern Ireland, 20 April 1999. The link provides an overview of the production, and gives details of all who took part. “Reporter Chris Moore looks at dissident Loyalist groups the Red Hand Defenders and the Orange Volunteers, but also touching on Billy ‘King Rat’ Wright’s Loyalist Volunteer Force, and links to the ‘mainstream’ paramilitaries the UDA/UFF and the UVF.”    Interviewees include:
    1. Brid Rogers MLA (SDLP)
    • David Ervine MLA (PUP, former UVF prisoner)
    • Sir Ronnie Flanagan (RUC Chief Constable)
    • Fr Kieran McPartlan (Lurgan priest)
    • Paul Macgeean (Committee on the Administration of Justice)
    • Patrick Fahy (solicitor)
    • Jeanette Oldham (journalist, News Letter)
    • Gary McMichael (UDP, son of UDA leader John McMichael)
    • Colin Port (Deputy Chief Constable Norfolk Constabulary, leading Nelson murder inquiry)
    • Chris Hudson (Dublin trades unionist who helped broker UVF ceasefire)
    • Param Cumaraswamy (UN Special Rapporteur – library footage, 12 April 1999)
  5. Legal action against journalist Chris Moore. Chris Moore is an experienced journalist and it is unlikely he would have made such a programme if he had not been led to believe the sources providing him the information were credible. Naturally his “sources” must have been security service sources, who were in fact leading him up the garden path, either wittingly or unwittingly.
  6. Legal action against journalist Jeanette Oldham who appeared in the Spotlight programme. When the documentary was made Oldham was working for the Newsletter.  Her behaviour and activities while she was in N.Ireland led people to suspect that she was not merely an MI5 agent, but she was actually a member of MI5.  At that particular time I had a friend who was a taxi driver and he happened to pick Jeanette Oldham up as a fare.  He told her that people suspected she was a member of MI5 and she appeared shocked when hearing this. Not surprisingly, she left N.Ireland quickly after this. To the best of my knowledge she is now located in Birmingham.

For quite a long time the Spotlight documentary “An Unholy War” was free to be seen on You tube, alas it has now vanished.

One notable figure who appeared in the show was the late David “Blunderman” Ervine, he was the type of figure who would happily go along with anything which demonized the Anti-agreement community.


Blunderman Ervine

Last but not least, when we come to talking about the so-called “Red Hand Defenders” there is one infamous figure we must never forget.

The former DUP member and  infamous “Demon Pastor”, Alan Campbell.


“The Demon Pastor” Alan Campbell

I will tell you something for nothing, Alan Campbell seems to have the most closely guarded Wikipedia entry on the whole internet!

Let us not forget, when the snippets of information via historical archives and the HIA hearings, revealed that Alan Campbell was a key figure who should be looked at very closely regarding the Kincora scandal, the local MSM failed to act.

If anyone cares to contact local journalist Alan Murray, he will confirm that I told him the so-called “Red Hand Defenders” did not exist!

As a matter of fact I will email him this article when it is finished.

Since the marching band fraternity have now become involved in the so-called “Red Hand Defender,” Psych Op fall out, it would be best if they were made aware of this information.

Not only that, common sense tells me, there is bound to be someone in the marching band fraternity who is affected by the scandalous You Tube behaviour, and they just happen to be living on social benefits.

They are now in the perfect position, to seek out legal aid and take action against all the people I have listed here, plus You Tube!

It would be well worth while carrying out this action in order to get a look at the file MI5 have on the late Alan Campbell and his former associates!

I see Baillies Mills accordion band is unaffected by any You tube ban?

“The Red Hand Defenders Hoax,” was just one more episode of  The South Bank Show!

Matthew 24:4 And Jesus answered and said unto them, Take heed that no man deceive you.

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