Just had my attention drawn to Psalm 31. It contains the wonderfully, thought-provoking phrase, Psalm 31:15 My times are in thy hand: 

It is very sobering when we are brought to the reality that God has ordained the length of our lifespan and has ordained the particular era of time in which we will spend our lives.

Believers who are alive today are particularly blessed, as we have been ordained to live in an era when great prophetic events of history are taking place.

It is very wise to reflect on these solemn, yet heartwarming matters.

For example, when I ponder my own life span, I come to the conclusion that I will not live long enough to witness the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this earth.

However, God willing, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see certain great events in world history take place, I will set them out one by one.

1.DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see N.Ireland leave the AK.

2 DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see Scotland leave the AK.

3. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see England and Wales totally entrapped in the AK.

4. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see Germany leave the AK. This is particularly interesting, as I do strongly suspect there are currently some very, very clever Germans who are devising a scheme which will force Germany out of the AK.

5. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see Southern Ireland leave the AK.

6. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see the commencement of the rebuilding of Babylon.

7. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see the citizens of the nations which leave the AK, realise the real reasons why Iraq was invaded in 2003. They will also realise the real reasons why Paul Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army.

Bremer deliberately disbanded the Iraqi army, in order to ignite a sectarian conflict in which the so-called “American intelligence agencies and the so-called British intelligence agencies,” controlled all the terrorist factions!

Just in case you have not worked it out yet, the flag below is the flag of the so-called “British Intelligence agencies”



The so-called “British Intelligence agencies,” are loyal to the Antichrist`s kingdom, they are there to serve Antichrist`s kingdom, not the United kingdom.

A sermon by CH Spurgeon on Psalm 31:15 is available online, it is worth a read.

Proverbs 27:1 Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.


  1. adamlangton2013 · May 29, 2018

    Sam, by these reckonings do you think Northern Ireland is heading for an independent nation state, in the form of that which Rev. Hugh Ross envisaged years ago ?

    • SAM FLANAGAN · May 29, 2018

      No, I reckon there will be a new union between N.Ireland and Scotland and possibly Germany. Plus there will be a large number of people from England and Wales will re-locate themselves to Scotland and N.Ireland.

      • adamlangton2013 · May 29, 2018

        What’s taking place in Germany ?

      • SAM FLANAGAN · May 30, 2018

        All I can say to both of your questions is that I believe God`s providence is at work in Germany. Please bear in mind I am not a prophet so I could be completely wrong!

  2. adamlangton2013 · May 29, 2018

    Northern Ireland & Scotland both voted to remain (wrongly of course) in the AK. What events will take place that they will then leave both the AK and the U.K. ?

    • SAM FLANAGAN · May 30, 2018

      Strong possibility of a second referendum, before the UK gets the chance to leave, which will produce the end result of a re alignment of the UK. Or even if the whole UK leaves the AK, it is certain the Remainers will keep demanding another referendum about rejoining the AK and that could possibily produce a re-alignment of the UK, with N.I and Scotland voting to stay out of it and England and Wales rejoining it. It is obviously a debate which is going to continue for a few years yet.

      • adamlangton2013 · June 11, 2018

        In response to your latest post about SPP and Powell. If my memory serves me well, going back to the time SPP got married, i’m nearly certain that there was a picture of the two of them on the front page of the Newsletter along with Elennor, SPP’s new wife. If I can recall Powell was giving her a kiss on the cheek as SPP looked on smiling. That must be about thirty years ago, but it’s amazing how an image can come back in your memory. Don’t know how you could obtain a copy though unless the PRONI perhaps ? Just a thought.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 11, 2018

        Thanks kindly for the information. In my experience, I have found all you have to do is wait patiently on the Providence of God to solve matters. Eventually someone, somewhere will upload the said picture to the internet!

      • adamlangton2013 · June 16, 2018

        Good article about The so called “Red Hand Defenders”, Sam. I think we all know that the intelligence services are capable of anything, including murder as they did to Billy Wright in the Maze in 1997. Don’t mean to be pedantic, but I think the picture in your article is MI6 HQ at Vauxhall. MI5 HQ is Thames House – or also Loughside at Palace Barracks. Loughside apparently is their secondary command centre in the UK (or possibly even their first). A lot of the staff there are seconded over from the mainland.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16, 2018

        You are right about the buildings, I just used the one which was on the South Bank, so I could call it the South Bank Show. The business about the Red Hand Defenders illustrates the power of the MSM. It was almost impossible to convince people that the RHD did not exist, because people had been told about it by the MSM, so it had to be true they thought!! Even experienced police officers were convinced it existed!!

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16, 2018

        The very best one I have ever seen about leading people up the garden path was in Israel, when they removed the settlers from Gush Gatiff. Every single one of the protest leaders was secretly controlled by the government and the police. They fooled all the protesters and all the sympathetic Israelis who supported them. They literally led about 4 million people up the garden path. They video series below illustrates part of the story. It was made by Israelis who began to see what was happening, the problem is they began to realise the truth when it was too late.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16, 2018

        Looks like I need to change the label on the picture from MI5 to MI6

      • adamlangton2013 · June 16, 2018

        Or you could post a picture of MI5 HQ at Palace Barracks and refer to it as Planet “
        Holywood” 😀😄

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16, 2018

        lol very funny

      • adamlangton2013 · July 20, 2018

        Hi Sam

        Do you think Jnr’s indiscretions will have any long term effect on the DUP ? I somehow don’t believe so. Election after election the sheeple seem to trot out and vote for them despite the scandal, immorality and corruption that permeates that party. I fear they are now part of the unionist establishment in Northern Ireland and no one seems to care.

        I’ve heard a few rumours about Jnr over the days. Apparently he stays with a married couple in Coleraine from time to time (must be pals of his) even though him and Fiona are living outside Lisburn. Also heard that he would indulge in the white powdery stuff. Are you aware of any of these ? The one about Emma Little is fairly common knowledge. I’m just wondering how he pays his legal fees. He never seems to be without use of lawyers and Paul Tweed doesn’t come cheap, I’m sure.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 20, 2018

        Agree with what you say, the people will still vote for them by and large. They are part of the MI5 establishment, that is why it is so hard to damage them. As long as they are valuable to MI5 they will be kept from any undue harm. The problem for them is, MI5 cannot protect them from God`s judgement!

        Personally I do not concern myself with their electoral fortunes they are unimportant to me. I do not have a TV so I do not really see Junior very much, I expect if you can see him regular on TV you should be able to detect from his demeanour whether he is on the dope or not. It would not surprise me if he does indulge as drug taking is so widespread now a days. Some one did say to me some time ago Diane Dodds is at it when she is in Strasburg.

        There is one scenario which I would relish for the entertainment value though. It would be good if Junior either left the DUP or was thrown out, and he stood in a bye election against a DUP candidate, with all the other candidates thrown into the mix as well. I would find that interesting for entertainment value.

        It is gratifying to know Protestantism does not need to rely on political parties for it`s survival, if that was the case all would be lost.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 20, 2018

        One thing I did mean to say about Junior, is the fact that he can be very affable on a personal level, no doubt this would work in his favour with his North Antrim constituents. From what I have been told, Jim Allister lacks the affability needed to be a serious threat to Junior. You may disagree though.

      • adamlangton2013 · July 21, 2018

        You’re right about his affability. He can be very plausible, just like his da could when it suited him and that seems to convince a lot of shallow people. Jim is a decent man, articulate and very intelligent but can come across as maybe a bit on the dour side at times which sets him up for ridicule. There’s probably not a more principled or decent unionist out there at the minute.

        Have you had any dealings with Bryson ? What’s your opinion of him ? I actually thought when he came on the scene that he was a force for good, young, fairly smart and knowledgeable. Now I’m not so sure. He seems to run with the hairs and hunt with the hounds, not sure if he can be trusted. I’m asking because he seems to be defending Jnr in this latest scandal. Some even think that Jnr was the main source of information for his book about Robinson and Nama ? Could this be true ?

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 21, 2018

        Junior`s da was given the great ability of being able to charm anybody he came into personal contact with! One of his greatest admirers was the late Harold Wilson`s wife!

        If have a general rule about people and groups. If they are for some reason, heavily promoted by the MSM, they are usually MI5 stooges. MI5 have the great ability of creating personalities whom they seek to use either at the present moment or for some future date.

        The same principles are used repeatedly in other nations as well. Israel is a great example of this. Phoney “right wing” extremists are created who lead the genuine but naive right wingers up the garden path. The phoney ones get all the MSM attention. The phoneys are usually compromised figures who have no choice other than do the bidding of the Israeli Special Branch, Shin Bet, they call it.

        The era of approximately 1997 to about 2002 was a very instructive one for any Unionist individual to learn from. The dirty tricks which were carried out against the section of the Unionist community which rejected the Belfast Agreement was very instructive, plus due to modern technology, is is now very easy to research and gain an understanding from that era.

        The Red Hand Defenders hoax, is a great example of effective Psych Ops. The authorities actually had the whole of the N.Ireland population believing it was real, due to the skilled use of smoke and mirror techniques.

        If you cast your mind back to that era, they peddled stories about “Demon Pastors,” the great beauty about this lay in the fact that no Demon Pastor was ever named, which made it possible to spread rumours about any number of people being a “Demon Pastor.”

        A certain figure was given the central attention, thereby creating the image he was a leading light. Namely one certain, “Mr Clifford
        Peoples.” You may remember he was highly promoted by local journalists, Jeanette Oldham in particular published a few front pages about him. It was very effective, people all across the country were taken in by him, simply because of what they had read and seen in the MSM.

        People who knew him personally, were not fooled, they knew if you were going to create a real “terror group” he would be the very last person you would get to lead it!

        A big ace MI5 had back then was Alan Campbell, he could always be used to demonise and discredit any genuine group, if a genuine group ever sprung up. All they had to do is publish a story that Campbell was playing a leading role or influencing the group and its credibility was gone!

        There was NO group of pastors running a terrorist group, there was only Clifford Peoples and Campbell in the background. Campbell was not capable of running any terror group, he would run a mile if he was shown a gun, His political history was enough to destroy any group the MSM linked him with.

        If you notice the MSM who wrote about Campbell back then, never named him, they just referred to him by epithet.

        I have no idea whether Junior was using Bryson or not, it is certainly the sort of trick he or Nelson McCausland would be capable of.

        The term “Controlled Opposition” refers to a real technique which has been used for centuries and is still being used today, in nations all around the world.

        I am sure you can remember how a certain David Blunderman Ervine was suddenly heavily promoted by the local MSM, he became a real media darling? They built him up to be a great intellectual of some sort!!! In reality, the guy was a half wit! No one could ever understand what he was talking about but the local MSM still keep eulogising him!!!

        No, I have no dealings with Jamie, I do not need to have any dealings with any of them, nor do I need to get friendly with local Journalists. The only journalist I have personally come across who seemed genuine was Alan Murray. He was sidelined by the local MSM because he expressed scepticism abut the so-called “Peace-process.”

        He did warn me that stories were being published in the South which were seeking to identify me in a sinister light, without giving my name.
        Plus, I am aware in the initial aftermath of Rosemary Nelson`s death, it was attempted to spread stories that I was responsible for it. This is not true.

        The code-word used to claim her death was PALEHORSE from the book of Revelation. 6:8 And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him. And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.

        The only journalist I have contact with is Tamar Yonah from Israel, she wrote this.

        I do not trust people who keep local journalists as “friends.”

        The only DEMON PASTOR I am aware of is Jim Ignotowski and he does not even exist!

        Do not know Jim Allister at all, but what you say about him, is the same as I have heard from friends who do know him.

      • adamlangton2013 · July 21, 2018

        You are right. I agree with you. It has gotten to the stage that you have to watch your Ps & Qs with everyone you come into contact with. And yes, journalists, especially those who are part of the MSM.

        In the case of the Red Hand Defenders, what you say makes sense. They were an invention by MI5 to demonise genuine loyalism. I know Campbell is dead, and his secrets with him. Clifford seems to be doing a lot of study work of late and is very active on Facebook. He has the odd spat with Hugh Jordan occasionally which can be quite entertaining. Whatever happened to Alan Murray? Is he still writing ? I haven’t heard tell of him in a while, he used to be a regular on TV being asked to give an assessment of the security situation. He always seemed to be on the button.

        I find this site very informative and enjoy your contributions. It’s only when I read and digest them that I can see the bigger picture. I often wonder, do you not be afraid of libel action being taken against you ? I know you had a spot of bother with Judith Gillespie a few years back because you wrote about it. Do you never have a fear of the powers that be, bugging or monitoring you ?

        Anyway, don’t ever stop and keep the good work up. It’s refreshing to read the truth once in a while.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 21, 2018

        Just talking to a friend on the phone there, who is just out of hospital, then I saw your new comment. Alan Murray was deliberately sidelined by the MSM because he expressed scepticism about the phoney peace-process. Think he is mostly doing freelance work now, from what he said he had been the victim of a few dirty tricks because of his stance, People started spreading rumours that he had been a member of the Red Hand Commando! This is a lie. He told me Gusty Spence even sent word for him to come up the Shankill to see him, as Spence tried to imply he had been a member. Murray called his bluff and confronted Spence, he told Spence he had never been a member of any Loyalist group.

        Peoples is a con man who is trying to re invent himself as an “intellectual” researcher and photographer. He is still at his work behind the scenes spreading mis information and gossip about people. As far as I know he tries his best to influence some of the far right groups behind the scenes by pretending he has top grade info about the Muslims. He has even tried to portray himself as a life long supporter of Israel, which is not the case.

        It is not a good idea to stand beside him, as God`s judgement will surely fall upon him suddenly. He is living up in Glencairn again, which is very strange as the UVF ordered him out of the Shankill after his row in the Church. A video of the documentary is now available, that is were I got the video clip of John Sommerville from.

        Don`t need to worry about libel action, Judith Gillespie ended up having to resign and she is terrified in case I release the tapes from my police interviews lol lol The police woman who interviewed me told me she could not believe eyes and ears, Judith Gillispie was weeping and wailing that I had destroyed her life, when she made her statement to the police woman.

        She is very foolish woman, it never dawned her that it was God who destroyed her life as a result of her own behaviour! I am a nobody, I cannot destroy anyone!

        It does not matter if they monitor me or not, I am quite open about my daily life, they will not find anything to convict me off. Don`t believe they do monitor me, they have no reason to.

        I do believe they were monitoring the guy who wrote the book “Killing For Britain,” then when he contacted me, they started monitoring me for a while. I was due to go to Scotland to meet the guy for a second time, the authorities came to my home and sectioned me just a few hours before I caught the ferry, they sectioned me for nearly 2 weeks. Once that happened, I knew there was something about that book which worried the authorities, I now know what it was, It was the British army guy who was John Sommerville`s handler. His name was Mike Norman.

        So-called “Irish Republicans” are well aware of Mike Norman but they will not make a fuss about him. You can taunt them all day about Mike Norman and they will not do a thing. If they start to agitate about Mike Norman the British government will probably retaliate by exposing Gerry Adams and Martin McGuinness as British agents as well as others! They would rather rave on about the Glenane gang and other nonsense.

        The guy who wrote the book was quite happy about the prospect of being arrested as he thought it would give him the opportunity to blow the lid of things. I told him it will never happen, they will ignore the book and portray the author a fantasist,
        Once he heard what happened to me he started to realise he was in big danger, he thought he was more likely to be murdered rather thn arrested, so he bolted to England and cut off all contact with the internet.

        The day I was arrested about the Judith Gillespie business someone put a mobile phone number through my door, I assumed it was from a journalist looking for a story, so I ignored it and gave it to my solicitor.

        I now suspect it was the guy who wrote the book or John Sommerville who was trying to contact me. Only ever run into John once after that, but it was at Twaddle avenue during protest where there were lots of Shankill UVF men about so I could not get talking to him properly.

        When I find the video about the row in the church I will send it to you. Your Twitter feed is very useful. I find it is much useful monitoring other peoples Twitter feeds rather than having one of my own. As other people can provide a different slant on things and find good stories and info that I would miss, I did have a Twitter account for a while but they terminated it as they said I was using for for targgetted abuse. They do not realise I do not need one, looking at other peoples Twitter feeds is more useful for me.

        Whoever is running this site thinks they know everything. They do not realise how little they know! They rubbished the Killing For Britain book lol

        Here is a link to the row in the church video.

      • adamlangton2013 · July 23, 2018

        Hi Sam

        That’s a good one about the Markethill PPC lambasting the DUP and then the sermon disappearing from their web site. Good spot ! It indicates that there’s a level of discontent there. No bad thing either. I wonder what Willie Frazer makes of it all, he belongs there as far as I know. One minute he’s criticizing them and the next he’s licking their backsides. Not a credible person.

        Whatever happened to Emma’s Mammy and Daddy that they parted ways ? I think he lives in and around the Stormont area, or at least he did. Was he not rumoured to have CIA contacts ? I know he was very lucky to escape with the light sentence he received back in the late 80s early 90s. I heard that little Emma was quite a girl back in her uni days !

        Not sure that all the PPCs would follow suit with Markethill in that regard. I know there’s less of a link between the church and the KOBA these days, but I could be wrong. I’d love to know what was said at the meeting between the KOBA officers and Jnr, lol. Oh, to be a fly on that wall ! I couldn’t believe the amount of defending Sammy Wilson was doing of Jnr on The Politics Show yesterday, given what Eileen said about him during the interview with Eamonn Mailie. I always thought there was no love lost there.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 23, 2018

        Not sure if the sermon was ever posted in the first place. From what my friend told me it was was done by a student minister, there is no way a student minister would stick their neck out like that unless he was sure nothing was going to happen to him. My friend has a friend who goes to Marketthill, he is bringing him a copy of the message this week.

        I did meet Emma once when she was at Uni, like many others she was curious about Clifford Peoples, she wanted to meet him so she came to meet him saying her father wanted to send him some message bout MI5 supposed to be watching him. She was very pleasant and well mannered, plus she was engaged at the time, but there was something about her that made me think she was being groomed for a big time political, possibly with the intention of making her DUP leader some day. Think I said that some time ago on my blog. Think I did a series about here asking WHO IS MADAM X?

        Think she dumped her boyfriend not long after that.

        Just remembered, for a time I was sending her abusive messages via a Facebook but she never blocked me or anything. Plus I took some of photos from her facebook page and used them. Very strange that she left her page open for all to see, you did not need to be a FB friend or anything.

        They are all a collection of rogues they cannot afford to fall out with each other, they have all to much dirt on each dirt on each other. Would not surprise me if Junior got his hooks into her, when she was at uni living up in the Village area. There were lots of young FPs all living up there at the time and junior was always doing the rounds of all their houses.

        One young lad told me junior would come into their house and start flicking the TV through the porn channels.

        One of my friends is a FP minister he is moving from Dromore church to Hillsborough church which is strange. He was one of the few ministers who opposed Paisleys treachery. It is odd he should have been called to Hillsborough from what I have been told Poots goes there.

        They have been told about McCrea and the stories about the rent boys and Super Injunctioin, it is quite telling that the denomination have never made a public statement denying that any of their ministers have a super injunction or have been involved with rent boys.

        I was very surprised that Eamon Mallie posted my comment on his website as it is highly libelous. They can take legal action against him for allowing it to be posted.

        Found a really really brillinat video of a wee scotman singing Highland Cathedral and posted it on Mallies page but he did not allow it to appear, I also told him it was linked to Biblical prophecy

        It is on this site.

        The last time I ever spoke to Ian Paisley snr, it was very strange. I had just returned from Israel, and I went to see him after the Sunday night meeting. I told him there were lots of Israelis who were now realising that ti was the Vatican who was being the phoney middle east peace process, I was expecting him to be delighted but he seemed terrified, he jumped up from his chair and circled around it away frorm me.

        At that time I was unaware the the road to St Andrews was well underway behind the scenes. Tommy Gorman the RTE jurnalist was the back channel between the DUP and SF. Have been told Gorman is someone who often does work for MI5, generally for money.

        At the minute I do find Jezebel Fosters endorsment of the Hart report on Kincora very offensive. Hart is most likely a paedo himself,tht is why he was given the task. His links to Portora was enough to make him unfit for the task.

        Got some good footage from that video about the row in the church, which shown Peoples and Campbell together at the Antrim protest. There is a very interesting story about that night in Antrim. What happened was a protest was planned in Antrim but the PUP did not want it to take place. Rumours started to spread that PUP supporters in Antrim were going attack the protest.

        So it turned out that journalists must have got wind of it so lots of journailist appeared at the scene. I was there too with a video camera, but I was there to get videos of the journalists and any possible PUP supporters, who turned up to cause trouble. I have the footage online. At the time I was very interested in Yvette Shapiro because she was having an affair with Ronnie Flanagan at the time. Though I have to add, Shapiro was unmarried but Ronnie Flanagan was. Shapior was really into porn moives long before the internet made it popular. One of her colleauges unwittingly told me Shapiro would oppenly ask the BBC technicians to get her porn movies “for the weekend.”

        It turned out after the rally in Antrim a young Catholic lad was shot dead. So the rally in Antrim got all the publicly but a DUP in Coleraine on the same night only got a very small paragraph in the next days papers.

        Once again it was another Psch ops which was used to demonise the NO camp. Very embarrassing for Sammy Lundy when you consider all he said.

        A video I posted today, shows Clifford People with a combat magazine in his hand, there reason he had it was because there was an article attacking the protest rally in Antrim saying it should not take place.

        Some of the people in the video have very interesting histories.

        There was a really really interesting thing which happened at that time. Lots of the young uni FPs who lived in the Village at the time had a fascination about Cifforf as if he was some sort of celebrity. They loved him to visit their homes. One you lad was Brian Greens nephew, he had a guest book in his house and Peoples signed it.

        A few days later, a hand grenade was thrown at a bar on the Falls road close to the village area. A few days later the peelers arrested the young lad and took him away for questioning about the grenade attack.

        Eventually, Ian Paisley snr intervened and the young as was released, but a top police officer told Ian Paisley snr, I have no time for you or your beliefs but I do not want to see any of your young people being destroyed by the likes of Clifford Peoples, tell your young people to stay away from his as he is an informer.

        The problem was, the MSM had done such a good job of portraying him as a real true firebrand, most of them would not accept he was an informer. The public were unaware that Peoples was not doing anything dangerous, it was other people who were doing the dangerous stuff.

        It did come really close to a whole Chapel being massacred, as some people were being prompted to carry it out and they were willing to do it, simply because the MSM had created the media image that Clifford Peeples was the real deal who was going to lead a hardcore group of killers. It is all smoke and mirrors.

        When Clifford tried to do something dangerous,he ended up getting arrested and another guy with him.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 23, 2018

        Notice d a very interesting thing on Mallies site. This appeared on it the other day, if you check the comments there are none.

        However if you check the first article the same guy posted some time ago there are lots of comments.

        Looks like the first article was a co-ordinated effort involving quite a few people. I am sure you are aware that is how they do things, some one is tasked to write an article than all the cronies are tasked to make lots of comments in order to make it look like a popular and effective influential article.

        The second article has a change of tone to it. I was thinking about making a comment asking why Republicans do not kick up a fuss about the activities of Mike Norman? Think I will leave it for a few days though. Rown and Mallies like to try and make “political initiatives.

        I have exchanged emails with Cairan Mcart who runs the McGurks bar thing, but even he will not bite about Mike Norman, though he claims Mike Norman is on their radar.

        Have been making posts on this article but no one is responding. If my memory serves me right it was Tom Roberts who did the actual shooting which Billy Hutchinson was jailed for, Hutchinson was only driving the car, though he does try to portray himself as a killer at times.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 23, 2018

        This the article where my former neighbour who wrote the Killing For Britain book saw me playing chess. So he got in touch with the Ulster Chess Union and they gave him my phone number.

      • adamlangton2013 · July 24, 2018

        Very fascinating reading and viewing Sam. All the more so when one casts their mind back to 1998 and compare it to what’s happening today, it all suddenly makes sense.

        You are right about Poots, he does go to Hillsborough FPC. His young boy, Luke is also in a spot of bother over a planning application. Can ANY of them go straight ?? And it just so happens that Poots and Jnr would be pally.

        I wonder what the vibes are within the FPs about Willie McCrea ? There’s bound to be talk going about, but the funny thing is, believe it or not but an awful lot of people in that church don’t seem to be aware of it, or if they are have just dismissed it as idle gossip. I once mentioned about his super injunction to a person whom I thought would be aware and they didn’t know what I was talking about so I left it there. But I did know a peeler who was based in Magherafelt some years ago and he said that it was always the rumour that Willie was homosexual ! His pretty useless son Ian who was former MLA in Mid-Ulster has a quite attractive wife (but knows it) who is high maintainence and likes to party, but preferably without him. Apparently she has a roving eye – I wonder why lol ! Heard once that she was quite close to dumping him.

        I also heard a while ago that Emma has her sights set on the DUP leadership. Apparently there’s no love lost between her and Arlene. I take it Emma is no longer a FP member, given her more drift -shall we say- from the traditional DUP line. Don’t know how she got hooked up with Pengelly, apparently he was married before and has a child.

        Yes, the MSM are a dangerous bunch. Heard before that Ronnie was having an affair with Shapiro, she wasn’t the only one. Ronnie was rather fond of the ladies while he was here.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 24, 2018

        McCrea is a total conman, he was preaching the sermons of Adrian Rodgers for years and passing them of as his own. He was not the only Pinkie doing it there were quite a few others at it as well.
        This was in the days before the internet was availble to all, they sent to America to get the tapes and then proeached them here as if it was their own work. Adrain Rodgers was another con man who was an Armenian, he would not even have been allowed to preach in the FP church.

        At the minute I am still angry at that bitch Foster endorsing the Hart report on Kincora.

        It is easy for the likes of Ronnie Flanagan to get the women especially if they are journalists. He is a man in a powerful position who can supply them with good stories and use them to plant propaganda.

        His son is marrying one of my relatives daughter`s but their name is BELL so he would not know they are related to me. He will not be happy when he finds out!

        My father`s name was Flanagan but my mothers name was Menabney, which is a Sots/Irish name. One of my facebook friends is called Elizabeth Menabney, she is an actress who lives in London. I have never actually met her but her grandfather and my mother were brother and sister. He left N.Ireland to go a live in Canada in the 1920s, he was a loyalist gunman of that era and had to flee to avoid arrest.

        Elizabeth Menabney did not know this she thought he had left N.Ireland to get away from the troubles of that era. She knows now. Not sure is you can see her Facebook page or not, I have been posting stuff one it.

        Elizabeth Bingham has posted some good stuff on her blog. Her father was John Bingham, who was a UVF man shot by the IRA/MI5 group. Think Scappaticci was involved in it.

        If you study the era you will find MI5 were deliberately killing of all the loyalists who they suspected would have
        opposed any phony peace process.

        I had a more fully reply printed up to send you but I hit the wrong button and lost it all. Had to retype this again.

      • adamlangton2013 · July 24, 2018

        Funny I was just reading Elizabeth’s blog just over an hour ago. That’s a very good article she’s written. I remember her dad being shot dead back in the 1980s. Him and Billy Wright were quite friendly. They were both cut from the same cloth. Elizabeth and Clifford seem to be quite friendly going by her Facebook. I don’t really know much about her but that was a good article. We both follow each other on Twitter. She works with ULET along with Gary Blair and Peter Sefton. He’s a bit of a character lol ! Don’t know much about him other than he was a barrister who was overlooked for a QC title. He got into a bit of trouble a while back over some female. I also follow him on Twitter. His tweets are quite witty.

        You are right about Foster and the Hart report. An absolute whitewash. We may never hear the full truth of that awful story. I think Paisley took a lot of secrets to his grave. McCrea actually stayed in Paisley’s house when he was training for the FP ministry. Just thinking, he couldn’t have been too old then. I wonder did he know McGrath or McKeague or any of the other so called loyalist deviants ? It doesn’t surprise me that he would copy other sermons and pass them off as his own. He’s not the brightest tool in the box and probably why he never done much TV or radio for the DUPs. Heard him at a couple of funerals. Absolutely woeful to listen to. Don’t know whether you know this but he was supposed to train for the Presbyterian ministry as that’s what he was brought up as but failed his English exam. He then went to the Frees.

        That’s interesting about your family details and your uncle. I must have a look at your actress relative’s Facebook.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 25, 2018

        Elizabeth Bingham has more backbone than the whole modern UVF put together!
        The thing to remember about Kincora, is the fact the sex abuse is part of the cover-up. It acts to distract attention away from McGraths wheeling and dealing in paramilitary matters, that is where the really scary stuff takes place.

        McGrath played a role in bringing bout the modern day UVF and the UDA into existence. Which means they were both brought into existence by MI5 or Mi6 and they were controlled by MI5 or MI6 right from the very start.

        Apologists for the modern day UVF try to imply, Sam McCLelland saw through McGrath and then left Tara. It does not ring as true.

        I began to see the matter a bit clearer in 1974 when the UWC strike took place.

        If the UVF and UDA had both been genuine “Unionist groups” brought into existence by genuine Unionists, they would have used the opportunity to wipe out every Republican area of N.Ireland. When that did not happen I instinctively knew there was something not right about the whole set up.

        It is now obvious what has been going on, Eventually you will find stories will emerge that MI5 were also behind the setting up of the phony Civil rights movement in N.Ireland.

        What they do is created phony groups on both sides, in order to create the conflict, in order to bring about and eventual phony settlement which suits them.

        Plus if genuine Unionists had set up a paramilitary group in the late 60s and early 70s they would not have established 2 groups they would only have established one.

        Mi5 deliberately established 2 para military groups within Unionism so they could also use the groups to turn on each other and cause misery and devastation within Unionism

        One of the best orators of the last century was Malcolm X the former “Black Muslim” leader. He eventually discovered the so-called “Black Muslims” and the KKK were both controlled and financed by the CIA. When he found that out, he was murdered.

        If you watch any of the videos of him online you will begin to see, even the likes of Billy Wright tried to emulate Malcolm Xs style and delivery.

        Why did the “Loyalist” para militaries protect McGrath when he was in prison? Plus why did they not execute him when he got out of prison?

        People today do not understand that McGrath was used to de-stabilise N.Ireland.

        By the way, you will find these tactics have always used by the Metropolitian police in London, especailly in the East end. All the so-called “gangsters” are actually police informers. Freddie Foreman is a key example. He was what was known as a blagger, they robbed small banks and payroll vans.

        What would happen is this. Foreman would put together a team of 4 or 5 guys to carry out a robbery. After the robbery is carried out, he would then give the name of one of the robbers to the police so the police could be said to have caught somebody for the robbery, then he would pay of the corrupt police officer with some of the stolen money, then simply move on to the next robbery where the same process is repeated. Foerman gets the reputation for being a real “hard man” and feared gangster when in reality he is nothing more than a dispicable leech.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 25, 2018

        Here is just one random example of malcolm x you can find lots on youtube, plus Malcom X wore the half beard, which is now popular among guys who thinks it makes the look “macho.”

      • adamlangton2013 · September 12, 2018

        Excellent summary of the DUP, Sam. I’m also at a loss as to why unionists continue to vote for them. It intimates to me that we live in an “anything goes” society whereby there is a moral decadence at the heart of the PUL community. But then again when one thinks back to Kincora and even before that, that decadence has already been there. We just live now in an age where news is more freely available.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · September 12, 2018

        True, moral decadence at the heart of the PUL community and the rest of the UK. That is why it is proving so difficult to leave the EU.

      • adamlangton2013 · September 20, 2018

        “You are not welcome here John”. Is that post a reference to Markethill FP ? Lol!

      • SAM FLANAGAN · September 20, 2018

        No it is not specifically about Markethill, just a general surmise.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · July 24, 2018


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