Just had my attention drawn to Psalm 31. It contains the wonderfully, thought-provoking phrase, Psalm 31:15 My times are in thy hand: 

It is very sobering when we are brought to the reality that God has ordained the length of our lifespan and has ordained the particular era of time in which we will spend our lives.

Believers who are alive today are particularly blessed, as we have been ordained to live in an era when great prophetic events of history are taking place.

It is very wise to reflect on these solemn, yet heartwarming matters.

For example, when I ponder my own life span, I come to the conclusion that I will not live long enough to witness the return of the Lord Jesus Christ to this earth.

However, God willing, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see certain great events in world history take place, I will set them out one by one.

1.DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see N.Ireland leave the AK.

2 DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see Scotland leave the AK.

3. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see England and Wales totally entrapped in the AK.

4. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see Germany leave the AK. This is particularly interesting, as I do strongly suspect there are currently some very, very clever Germans who are devising a scheme which will force Germany out of the AK.

5. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see Southern Ireland leave the AK.

6. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see the commencement of the rebuilding of Babylon.

7. DV, I do strongly suspect I will live long enough to see the citizens of the nations which leave the AK, realise the real reasons why Iraq was invaded in 2003. They will also realise the real reasons why Paul Bremer disbanded the Iraqi army.

Bremer deliberately disbanded the Iraqi army, in order to ignite a sectarian conflict in which the so-called “American intelligence agencies and the so-called British intelligence agencies,” controlled all the terrorist factions!

Just in case you have not worked it out yet, the flag below is the flag of the so-called “British Intelligence agencies”



The so-called “British Intelligence agencies,” are loyal to the Antichrist`s kingdom, they are there to serve Antichrist`s kingdom, not the United kingdom.

A sermon by CH Spurgeon on Psalm 31:15 is available online, it is worth a read.

Proverbs 27:1 Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.


  1. adamlangton2013 · May 29

    Sam, by these reckonings do you think Northern Ireland is heading for an independent nation state, in the form of that which Rev. Hugh Ross envisaged years ago ?

    • SAM FLANAGAN · May 29

      No, I reckon there will be a new union between N.Ireland and Scotland and possibly Germany. Plus there will be a large number of people from England and Wales will re-locate themselves to Scotland and N.Ireland.

      • adamlangton2013 · May 29

        What’s taking place in Germany ?

      • SAM FLANAGAN · May 30

        All I can say to both of your questions is that I believe God`s providence is at work in Germany. Please bear in mind I am not a prophet so I could be completely wrong!

  2. adamlangton2013 · May 29

    Northern Ireland & Scotland both voted to remain (wrongly of course) in the AK. What events will take place that they will then leave both the AK and the U.K. ?

    • SAM FLANAGAN · May 30

      Strong possibility of a second referendum, before the UK gets the chance to leave, which will produce the end result of a re alignment of the UK. Or even if the whole UK leaves the AK, it is certain the Remainers will keep demanding another referendum about rejoining the AK and that could possibily produce a re-alignment of the UK, with N.I and Scotland voting to stay out of it and England and Wales rejoining it. It is obviously a debate which is going to continue for a few years yet.

      • adamlangton2013 · June 11

        In response to your latest post about SPP and Powell. If my memory serves me well, going back to the time SPP got married, i’m nearly certain that there was a picture of the two of them on the front page of the Newsletter along with Elennor, SPP’s new wife. If I can recall Powell was giving her a kiss on the cheek as SPP looked on smiling. That must be about thirty years ago, but it’s amazing how an image can come back in your memory. Don’t know how you could obtain a copy though unless the PRONI perhaps ? Just a thought.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 11

        Thanks kindly for the information. In my experience, I have found all you have to do is wait patiently on the Providence of God to solve matters. Eventually someone, somewhere will upload the said picture to the internet!

      • adamlangton2013 · June 16

        Good article about The so called “Red Hand Defenders”, Sam. I think we all know that the intelligence services are capable of anything, including murder as they did to Billy Wright in the Maze in 1997. Don’t mean to be pedantic, but I think the picture in your article is MI6 HQ at Vauxhall. MI5 HQ is Thames House – or also Loughside at Palace Barracks. Loughside apparently is their secondary command centre in the UK (or possibly even their first). A lot of the staff there are seconded over from the mainland.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16

        You are right about the buildings, I just used the one which was on the South Bank, so I could call it the South Bank Show. The business about the Red Hand Defenders illustrates the power of the MSM. It was almost impossible to convince people that the RHD did not exist, because people had been told about it by the MSM, so it had to be true they thought!! Even experienced police officers were convinced it existed!!

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16

        The very best one I have ever seen about leading people up the garden path was in Israel, when they removed the settlers from Gush Gatiff. Every single one of the protest leaders was secretly controlled by the government and the police. They fooled all the protesters and all the sympathetic Israelis who supported them. They literally led about 4 million people up the garden path. They video series below illustrates part of the story. It was made by Israelis who began to see what was happening, the problem is they began to realise the truth when it was too late.

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16

        Looks like I need to change the label on the picture from MI5 to MI6

      • adamlangton2013 · June 16

        Or you could post a picture of MI5 HQ at Palace Barracks and refer to it as Planet “
        Holywood” 😀😄

      • SAM FLANAGAN · June 16

        lol very funny

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