Forty years ago the BBC broadcast a 4 part series called “Law And Order.”  It caused quit a stir amongst the “British” establishment, as it showed the UK policing and justice system was very, very corrupt.


Today, I noticed that the series is being re-broadcast, consequently GF Newman, the author of the series, is getting a mention in the news.

At the time Newman stated that he thought the UK police were 90% corrupt, as the police were a reflection of society, and general society was corrupt.  He still holds the same views today.

GF Newman is not exactly correct but he is on the right lines. The UK society like all societies is 100% corrupt as society is made up of sinners who are 100% sinful!

It is only God`s grace which acts as a restraint upon the natural wickedness of man, which allows society to function in a reasonably ordered way.

Without God`s restraining grace, society would collapse into total chaos and anarchy.

Subsequent criminal trials involving UK police have revealed that the Metropolitan police was almost totally corrupt.

Newman`s series illustrated how the criminal gangs and the police worked hand in hand when it came to carrying out large-scale robberies.

This is an overview of how the system worked. The “leader” of a criminal gang would plan a robbery, when it was carried out, the “leader” of the gang, would pay off corrupt police officers  not to investigate the robbery too deeply.

The “leader” of the gang would also give the corrupt police officers the name of one or two of the people which took part in the robbery, so the police could charge someone, which helped to make it look like a full investigation had been carried out.

The gang “leaders” were the real informers who went on their merry way, undetected and unsuspected. It was general policing procedure, and it is usually covered-up by citing, it`s disclosure would impinge upon “national security” as it would reveal “intelligence gathering techniques.”

I can remember an instance in the early 1970`s when the mother of Albert Baker tried to tell the general public that her son, Albert Baker, was a soldier who had been carrying out the orders  which were given to him by the army.

At that time it was an uphill battle, as most people in N.Ireland would not believe that the the UK government or the UK army would murder people?

I wonder if the UK public is any wiser today?

Lamentations 3:22 It is of the Lord’s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. 23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness.

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