Most normal people are absolutley horrified by the abuse stories which centre on the Roman Catholic Church. There are now so many abuse stories, it is impossible to keep up with them all.


McAreavey with Antichrist

The abuse which is now being reported is not new, it did not start in the 1960s with the commencement of the so-called “Permissive society,” this has been going on for centuries.
When an abuse story emerges, people think they are seeing the dark side of the RCC, this is not so, there is an even darker side which is never exposed!

Certain facts need to be taken on board;
1. The Vatican does not care about abuse stories being exposed, as the Vatican does not possess any sense of shame.


No shortage of willing sodomites ready to fill the priestly role

2. The Vatican does not care about priests being exposed, whether alive or dead, they are all disposable entities as far as the Vatican is concerned. There is an unending supply of willing sodomites all around the globe, who are more than happy to fill up the priestly positions.


Money Is Evil Give It To Us

3. The Vatican does not care about court cases, court fines, or compensation payments being imposed, as the Vatican has a limitless source of money and wealth.


Just shrug the victims off

4. The Vatican does not care about the victims of abuse, they are regarded as mere collateral damage, which can be shrugged off.

What the Vatican really cares about, is something most normal people cannot get their heads around, it is almost too horrific to be believed, it is just one dimension of the real dark side of the Papacy.

For every abuse victim linked to the RCC, who complains, or makes public the abuse via the MSM or police, there are 4 or 5 victims who say nothing. They remain silent and they remain faithful to the  Roman Catholic Institution.

We could call these people, “the abused faithful.” It is “the abused faithful,” which the Vatican is really interested in.  It is from this pool of people, that the academically suited individuals are chosen.

These chosen individuals will be given the best possible educational opportunities. They will be steered into suitable professions and when their professional training is complete, they will be steered into carefully selected careers, which will eventually lead them into the key positions in society.


VIP perves in Labour

Over a prolonged period of time, “the abused faithful” will eventually capture almost, if not all, the key positions in a nation. In short, they will gradually become what is known as “The Establishment.” They will covertly control the nation and the ordinary general public will be none the wiser about it.


VIP Perves in the Tories

It will not matter what way the population vote, “the establishment” will always be there, ultimately covertly controlling the nation.

One major factor must be noted here. Once the Vatican gains covert control of a nation via “the abused faithful,” their main priority is not primarily to promote Roman Catholicism, the main priority is to simply gain covert control of a nation, so they can use it like a chess piece on a chess board!


The Vatican covertly controls both sides, no matter what way the game goes, the Vatican always wins. This is the real dummies guide to Geo-Politics

A percentage of “the abused faithful,” will go on to become abusers themselves. It is around these “abused faithful,” that the VIP paedo-rings are constructed.

The VIP paedo-rings centered around “the abused faithful,” will never be exposed by ANY journalist, or MSM outlet in any part of the world, they function untouched and unmentioned.

The “abused faithful” who have been steered into the world of  “journalism” will make strenuous efforts to ensure these particular VIP paedo-rings are never discovered or mentioned.


Jill Dando, Remember her?

There are two key things which make the Vatican an impossible enemy for ordinary people to understand or combat.
1. The Vatican possesses a Satanic cunning which will outwit all humans.
2. The Vatican possesses a sense of patience which no human can rival. It is quite willing to wait for the length of 100 years or more to see it`s plans come to fruition.

Only God and God`s providence can expose the truly dark side of the RCC.

Over the past few days, the BBC has been exposing yet another RCC abuse story in N.Ireland, it looks like Nolan was covering it on his show this morning.

Do not be deceived by the abuse stories which MSM are exposing, you need to start praying that God will begin to expose the abuse stories which the MSM will never expose.

I have never heard of any church denomination in the world asking it`s people to pray that God will expose, “the abused faithful” paedo rings and “the exposed faithful” establishment structures?

For example, ask yourself, why it seems almost impossible for the UK to extricate itself from the EU, even though the public voted in favour of leaving in 2016?


Why does the UK find it so difficult to LEAVE the Antichrist`s EU?

It is because “the abused faithful establishment,” in the UK do not want the UK to leave the EU, not yet anyway.

Most people who take the time to read this, will regard it as total nonsense. My answer to them would be very simple.


Edward Parker-Jones is everywhere in the UK in the year 2018

Just start praying that God would begin to expose the full extent of, “the abused faithful,” covert control over the UK, and see what happens?

The “abused faithful” in the UK police forces.


Edward Parker-Jones the patron saint of the PSNI

The “abused faithful” in the Uk Main Stream Media.


Edward Parker-Jones the patron saint of Journalism

Edward Parker-Jones controls ALL the so-called “Preachers” on all the fences!

James 1:5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

1 Corinthians 4:5 Therefore judge nothing before the time, until the Lord come, who both will bring to light the hidden things of darkness, and will make manifest the counsels of the hearts: and then shall every man have praise of God.

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