Edward Parker Jones of the BBC aka Kevin Magee

Investigative Journalists can make good use of door-steping their targets for interviews during very important investigations.  It adds a sense of drama to a well explained exposure, plus it can catch the intended target  quite off-guard.

Edward Parker Jones aka Kevin Magee used this technique the other day during his attempt to highlight some of the alleged Paedo-hunters.  I believe this is a legitimate practice for journalists to use and fully support Edward Parker Jones aka Kevin Magee`s right to do this.

However, this presents me with a conumdrum. Perhaps someone can solve it and then post the explanation to me?

There is something, that for the life of me I just cannot understand.

Why did Edward Parker Jones aka Kevin Magee not door-step the late Alan Campbell aka “The Demon Pastor”???


Alan Campbell aka “The Demon Pastor”

There were far more legitimate grounds for door-stepping Campbell than there are for door-stepping the alleged paedo-hunters?


According to what Henry MacDonald has written, Campbell could have been tentatively linked to at least one murder?

Now we can neatly link this to the bizarre claim that all paedophile investigations must be dealt with by the PSNI.


Edward Parker Jones former head of the RUC

During one of the investigations into Kincora, RUC detectives assembled a file, the file was delivered to the head Edward Parkers Jones`s who were running the RUC at the time.

The file revealed that a man should have been prosecuted for the sexual abuse of a child but he escaped prosecution because of perjury. It seems someone provided a false alibi for him. What is more, the person who provided the fake alibi was claimed to be a “Unionist politician.”

The file recommended the authorities should now carry out a prosecution.

What did Edward Parker Jones the former head of the RUC do with the file? Nothing, he put it away and it was classed as “Top Secret” or “Highly confidential.”

These details all were made public during the Kincora module of the recent HIA Cover-up. All the details are available online and are freely available for anyone to read.

That is not all there is even more!


On Monday 30th December 2013 an article appeared in the Belfast Lundyletter authored by yet another Edward Parker Jones, the article headline was, “Unionist ‘wrongly escaped charges in Kincora boys home paedophile scandal.”

Guess what? The article claimed that a man called  “Campbell” who was a former member of the DUP was the man who had escaped prosecution!!

Guess what? Edward Parker Jones aka Kevin Magee did not see any reason to door-step Alan Campbell in 2013, nor did he see any reason  to doorstep Campbell when the “Secret file” revelation was made public during the recent Kincora cover-up?

We have to sadly acknowledge that no other N.Ireland journalist saw the need to door-step Campbell either?

It is patently obvious that Alan Campbell aka “The Demon Pastor” was a highly protected VIP paedo asset of some kind, and that he knew far too much about all the other paedos who inhabit the world of “Unionist politics.” That is why no attempt was ever made to prosecute him.


Edward Parker Jones would have been real proud of Alan Campbell

Edward Parker Jones would have been real proud of Alan Campbell!

Since Edward Parker Jones aka Kevin Magee failed to door-step Alan Campbell aka “The Demon Pastor,” you would think the least he could do would be to look into the matter of the secret file and tell the public the identity of the “Unionist politician” who provided the false alibi for “The Demon Pastor”?

Just by the way, if you look into the outing of Paul Berry the former DUP member, I suspect you will come to the conclusion he was not outed by accident.


Paul Berry

Rather, he was outed as a warning to the rest of the VIP paedos, that they will be outed too if they do not do as they are bid!


Finally in closing, I must warn people, “Trust No One,” Edward Parker Jones is everywhere!


Edward Parker Jones is everywhere!

I guess I really should post this on the BBC Newsline Facebook page, just to make sure Edward Parker  Jones aka Kevin Magee gets the message?

Proverbs 6:16 These six things doth the Lord hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

17 A proud look, a lying tongue, and hands that shed innocent blood,

18 An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

19 A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

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