Tom Lundy Biblical Illiterate.

Tom Lundy, a former  leader of the Traditional Lundy party, is claiming he will not be lectured by IRA/MI5 supporter, rabid Protestant hater and fanatically anti-British proponent, Mad-Dog Sean McManus.

Tom Lundy is in no position to refute anyone about “the troubles” or theology.

His party has done perhaps irreversible harm to “Unionism” by playing a key role in elevating the IRA/MI5 organisation into the political process, then into government.

His real ignorance about theological matters stand out when he refers to Mad-Dog McManus as “FATHER.”


The murderous brother of Sean McManus

If he knew anything about the Bible he would know it is wrong to give the title “FATHER” to any human so-called “spiritual leader.”

Mad-Dog McManus is in the video below, naturally the event took place at the Jesuit Georgetown University.

Tom Lundy probably needs someone to explain to him who the Jesuits are and what they are about?

I can only conclude whatever it is they teach in the Orange Order, it is not Biblical Protestantism, otherwise Tom Lundy would not be displaying his total ignorance of the matter in the Lundyletter for all to see.

Matthew 23:And call no man your father upon the earth: for one is your Father, which is in heaven.

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