First article of interest which caught my attention was the article about Hank the kidnapped dog.

It could well turn out to be the case that Belfast City Council`s behaviour could turn a normally well behaved dog into a destructive dog, if the particular breed of dog suffers from excessive “separation anxiety.”

I have no doubt that my dog would quickly become destructive and vicious, if it was suddenly without warning separated from me.

I would not believe any statement the Belfast City Council makes about the dog. I have already had first hand of experience of how they treated a neighbour`s dog.

Plus, I am certain an IRA/MI5 member played an instrumental role in getting my neighbour`s  put down very quickly. A member of the women`s OO also played a leading role in having the dog seized.


IRA/MI5 Member Gerry O`Reilly

The best move for the owners to make now is starting to protest outside the kennels where Hank is being held and asking the general public to support their protest.

Below is a video clip of the dog playing with my dog just a short time before the owner was forced to take it to be put down. They are playing in my front garden.

Belfast City Council are scum of the earth, I would not believe a word they say!

I cannot help noticing that Hank and the other wee dog  similar to Hank, look as if somebody is cross-breeding Weimaraners with some sort of bulldog breed.

The verse below describes Belfast City Council, “leasing” is a word which conveys the meaning of a compulsive liar.

Psalm 5:6
Thou shalt destroy them that speak leasing: the Lord will abhor the bloody and deceitful man.

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