Both UTV and the Irish News are carrying the news item about another enquiry being started. This time it is about Maire Drumm.

Georgina Strain was murdered in retaliation for the Drumm shooting.  Below I have posted a snipshot which gives a brief overview of her murder.

The following snipshot is taken from the book “LOST LIVES”


Taken From Lost Lives

I was talking to the man who is described as Georgina Strain`s “Foster son,” in Tesco earlier today.

As you can see from the report in Lost Lives, 3 men were charged with the murder but charges were later dropped???

I wonder why that was? Could it be a case of COLLUSION?

It is high time the so-called “Unionist parties” were calling for enquiries into collusion between the so-called “Irish Republican Movement” and the various branches of the “British Intelligence services.”

Presumably the person the UTV report is referring to is Sammy Carroll aka Mambo. Sammy was from the old Cultra street, he lived facing my grandparents. We used to play together when we were children.

As Nigel Dodds is the MP for N.Belfast and the murder of Georgina Strain happened in N.Belfast I would be expecting Mr Nigel Dodds to start calling for an enquiry into the murder of Georgina Strain.

I have left the following comment on the DUP Facebook page in response to the latest news.

Samuel Flanagan It is time the DUP were calling for an investigation into the murder of Georgina Strain. Georgina was murdered in retaliation for Maire Drumm. How many IRA men who were involved in the murder of Georgina Strain were “state agents?” The murder took place in N.Belfast, perhaps the MP for N.Belfast could demand the Historical enquiries investigate the matter. The person the media are referring to in the Maire Drumm case is Sammy Carroll aka MAMBO. He used to live in the old Cultra street, just across the street from my grandparents. We used to play together as children.…/new-collusion-probe-into-murder…/

Naturally the DUP have removed my comment so I will have to post this article on their page.

Ecc 3:15 That which hath been is now; and that which is to be hath already been; and God requireth that which is past.

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