The deluded state of the UK`s MSM is on full display at the minute. Here is an article describing Phoney Blair`s “Christian Faith.”

Any one with event a slight Biblical knowledge would know Phoney is not a Christian, he has never been a Christian and it is most likely he is a total reprobate, which means he never will be a Christian.

Phoney and George Bush were simply following the instructions of their Vatican master when they invaded Iraq.

The actions of Paul Bremer when disbanding the Iraqi military and igniting sectarian strife in Iraq was not an accident, despite what he claims to the contrary.


As the citizens of N.Ireland have found out to their cost, if you inflame sectarian strife and keep it going for say, 15 to 20 years, you will be left with a population who are ready to accept any kind of political settlement, in order to achieve what they are mistakenly led to believe is “peace.”

They will even be willing to let the terrorists rule over them in order to gain this deluded notion of peace.

When the “powers that be,” feel the Iraqi people are ripe to fall for the, “peace at any price,” scenario it will be granted to them.

Combined with the promises of “western industrialists” of how they will help the Iraqis build a new Iraq and naturally to make Iraq a great nation once again they will offer to rebuild the city of Babylon and turn it into the world`s foremost financial and commercial city.

The amazing rise of Dubai as a major city was just a practice run for the re-building of Babylon.

One online radio broadcaster has pointed out that historic Protestant nations such as the UK, Germany and others have never persecuted Mulsim countries or went to war with them.

It was the Roman Catholic countries who were at loggerheads with Islam. The Crusades were a Roman Catholic enterprise. The English Crusaders were Roman Catholics, the English went to war with Islam when England was a Roman Catholic vassal state.

You can read an accurate description of Phoney Blair below.

2 Timothy 3:13 But evil men and seducers shall wax worse and worse, deceiving, and being deceived.

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