The snip below is taken from the HIA website.
The snip below is from the witness statement but it is also on the HIA website.

One of the witness statements given by a Kincora victim is posted online. Witness 409 has displayed a great deal of courage in coming forward and giving his testimony as it is very damaging to the past cover-ups which have taken place.

He does tell of boys being transported from Kincora to a hotel in Bangor and undergoing some sort of very unpleasant experience in the hotel.

He also mentions one Ian Richard Kyle Paisley in his statement.

Here is a link to the statement.

Furthermore, a victim has stated that Ian Paisley did visit Kincora to meet with William McGrath, though it must be stressed there is no suggestion that Ian Paisley was involved in any way with the abuse of the victims.

Strangely enough, the same witness claims that Gerry Fitt also visited Kincora in order to meet with Joe Mains. Again I must stress that there is no suggestion that Gerry Fitt was in any way involved in the abuse of victims.

It is already in the public domain that the security services did monitor a certain Bangot hotel in order to compromise any VIP`s they may find useful.

Sort of make you wonder why and for who was Joe Mains taking kids to a Bangor hotel?

The author of this book staked out a Bangor hotel, he claims RUC Special Branch were also staking it out at the same time.


It would not surprise me if a great deal of effort is made into discrediting and discounting the statement of witness 409.

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