A very interesting article from the Roman Catholic Herald.

“Why Catholics Thrive In The CIA.”

For most of my life I have heard “Unionists” complaining that almost every MSM outlet and every government is against them, they complain that they are portrayed in a bad light everywhere, and blamed for everything that is wrong in N.Ireland.

The problem is, they cannot work out how such a situation has come to be!

You would think after reading an article such as “Why Catholics Thrive In The CIA” it would cause a light to shine in the collective brain of “Unionists.”

Alas, it goes right over their heads. Once you reject the Bible and the God of the Bible,  God gives you up to the “strong delusion.”

It is not just Roman Catholics who thrive in the CIA, apostate Protestants thrive as well! The Pope just loves Apostate Protestants!

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