Two news items on the 4th November caught my attention as they go some way in showing just how happily deluded the MSM whores are, and how they enthusiastically peddle their gross delusions to the public.

Both items at the centre of their particular news reports occurred on the 4th November though in different decades.

The first item was a VBC report propagating the usual MSM whoredom fiction about the murder of Yitzak Rabin.   It is the typical “phony peace-process propaganda” served up by the “phony peace-processors” the world over.

The usual drivel is set forth of how Rabin was a martyr for peace brutally murdered by a fanatical “right-wing extremist” who wanted to wreck the “peace-process.”

Who Murdered Yitzak Rabin?


There are certain facts about the Rabin murder which the international MSM and Israeli MSM hide from the public.

  1. Rabin had become sceptical about the phony peace-process and was about to abandon it.
  2. The demonization of Rabin leading up to his murder is blamed on “right-wing extremists” and one particular shadowy “right-wing” organisation named EYAL.
  3. The so-called shadowy “right-wing” organisation was a fiction, it was a media creation, largely fabricated by a government Special Branch agent called Avishai Raviv.
  4. One of the “members” of the so-called “right-wing” organisation is portrayed as the assassin of Rabin, his name is Yigal Amir.  Amir is another government agent, and what is worse for him is the fact he is not just any old agent, he is in fact a compromised paedophile.
  5. Amir did not shoot Rabin, he fired blanks from the gun he was given by Avishai Raviv. The actual shooting of Rabin was carried out by his bodyguards acting on the orders of Simon Peres.  Rabin was shot inside the car. Amir is the hapless patsy who has to carry the can for the whole thing.
  6. Peres murdered Rabin because Rabin was going to abort the “phony peace-process.”
  7. The whole thing was covered up the way things are covered up everywhere. A whole “Old Boys” network, which spans the intelligence services, the Judiciary, the police, the media featuring Freemasons and “secret society”  members do what they have been doing for hundreds of years. They bury the truth and give the public a lie to believe.

The second item on the 4th November was the story of the Hungarian uprising, it took place in 1956.

In the western MSM the story is peddled that on the 4th November 1956 the Soviet forces moved against the Hungarian patriots who had taken part in the uprising and crushed them with overwhelming force. This part of the narrative only tells part of the story.

What the western MSM do not tell the western public is rather more sinister.  Prior to the actual Hungarian uprising, the CIA had confirmed for itself that there was a real coming together of genuine Hungarian patriots who wished to be free of Soviet dominance.


The CIA greatly encouraged the Hungarian underground movement to forment  opposition to Soviet rule by using broadcasts on RADIO FREE EUROPE to incite them.  They also sent CIA personnel into Hungary to aid the Hungarians into becoming an effective underground movement professionally preparing for open resistance.


Encouraged by this assistance and the seeming assurances that the Western powers would intervene should the Hungarian patriots rise up, they did exactly that, they rose up against the mighty Soviet power and they were quickly and brutally crushed. Many of these genuine Hungarian patriots were killed or carted off and never seen again.



What the Hungarians did not know was the CIA and the Soviets were both working together. Neither the CIA nor the Soviets wanted any genuine Hungarian patriots taking charge of Hungary, so they simply worked together in drawing up an elaborate scheme which would draw genuine Hungarian patriots out into the open.


Then when they had identified and targeted all those who would not fit into the role of being mere puppets, they put into action their cruel and ruthless plan to crush them.

I suspect an operation like this comes under the heading of “Controlled Opposition,” though in this instance the controllers were in fact supposed to be enemies!


Perhaps this goes some way in understanding why the Hungarians were not too willing to play along with the latest manufactured “refugee crisis hoax.”  Perhaps the Hungarians have learned never to trust the Eastern, Western, Northern or Southern powers?

The admonition given by God in Proverbs 3:5+6 is not merely confined to the personal life of an individual, it also is directed to nations.

Proverbs 3:5+6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

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