A CORRUPT TREE CANNOT BRING FORTH GOOD FRUIT “The spirit of the peace process”

The evil David “Cocaine” Cameron welcomes the Antichrist to the UK.
How darkened would you need to be to do such a thing?

Depraved Prime Minister invents a brand new depraved cliche. “The spirit of the peace prcess.”

Spoken in the spirit of a true Vatican puppet.  The head of the Jesuit Order could not have invented a more cynically evil, ambiguous utterance.

What does the spirit of the peace process entail?

1.The carrying out of mass murder.

2.The covering up of mass murder.

3. The carrying out of mass robbery.

4. The covering up of mass robbery.

5. The creation of an inept, corrupt police force.

6. Supplementing the corrupt police force with corrupt leading personnel.

7. Poisoning the democratic structures by creating elite, untouchable, protected terrorists and embedding them in the democratic structures.

8. The widespread compromising of “politicians” using perverted sex honey traps.

9. The isolation of honest “journalists” who would dare report the truth and the elevating of mindless stooges as “journalistic” supporters of the phony peace process.

10. Creating a plunderers paradise using previously created CIA stooges and letting them loose to foment widespread property plundering.

There are lots more items I could list here but I will summarise it this way. “The spirit of the peace process” is a term which describes the creation of a society which the Antichrist would be proud of and which he would be very happy to visit.

Matthew 17:18 A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

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