PERFIDY by Ben Hecht, is a controversial book which some very important people did not want the world to read. A serious attempt was made to take it completely out of circulation by buying up all the copies, then making sure it was never republished.



You would need to be very wealthy, powerful and cunning to successfully pull off such a stunt.

I suppose we could say the unofficial censors were pretty successful as most people have never heard of the book.

Fortunately, at the moment the book is available in it`s entirety online.

Is is possible to murder 400,000 people without the phony leaders of the doomed 400,000 helping the murderers?

Then, is it possible for all the guilty parties to then re-invent themselves as “respectable people” after the crime?


Tamir: When were you taken into the Kluj ghetto?

Shmueli: May 23, 1944.

Tamir: Did you know at this time that Jews were being exterminated in Auschwitz?

Shmueli: No.

Tamir: Did you offer any resistance when you were put on the train?

Shmueli: No. Because we had all been told we were being taken to Kenyermeze to work. The Jews in charge of the ghetto said to us, “Brothers, you should know that the Hungarian authorities have decided to empty Kenyermeze of its population, and all the Jews of Hungary are going to be placed there until the end of the war.”

Tamir: What happened to you and your family in Auschwitz?

Shmueli: They separated us. I was sent to Warsaw to work in a factory. My mother, wife, daughter and six-year-old grandson were murdered by the Germans.


I wonder why PERFIDY is not taught in N.Ireland school curriculums?


Jeremiah 17:9  The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?

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