Proverbs 3:5+6 Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. 6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Everyday is the same to me, it does not matter if it is the 24th December or the 12th July. I have to walk my dog in the morning then again in the afternoon. If I don`t he will not give me any peace at night- time.

Yesterday morning I walked my dog up Donegal street a short time before the parade got underway. I met some friends who walk in the Christian witness march which goes just before the main parade. While I was talking to a friend I suddenly noticed some ladies from the Pink Presbyterian Church were just up the street so I had to go and speak to them.

The first lady I spoke to was David Pinnochio Lundy McIveen. He used to be one of Pope Lundy`s favourite lap-dogs. I brought up the subject of the loony book he gave to students for study when I was at the Whitefield Bible College. It was called “BEHAVIOURISM AND CHRISTIANITY” and it was such a load of rubbish.


At the time back in 1990 when I told him it was nonsense he agreed it was a load of nonsense and the students need not read it. Yesterday he had the blatant cheek to claim it was a good book!!!

Such a liar, I think David Pinnichio Lundy McIlveen missed his true calling , he would have been more at home in the Jesuit Georgetown University rather than the Pink Presbyterian Chruch. Then again maybe there is not really that much of a difference?

I think he was trying to imply he did not back PopeLundy going into government with the IRA, his reaction seemed very strange, I think I will maybe be paying him a visit sometime soon.

If anyone does not believe this they can ask Dynes Uprichard, he was present in Donegal street. As a matter of fact, Dynes is on Facebook! Must send him this article.

After leaving the Pinkies women`s group I run into a Papal guard who was behaving like “Officer Billy” out of Give My Head Peace. He would not let me proceed up Donegal street so I had to cut through the back streets up to CarrickĀ Hill. I passed a group from Carrick Hill and they did not seem to be out to cause mischief or trouble, they just looked they were people who were out to watch the bands.


A couple of them petted my dog, they were very pleasant and decent. Then a little further up the street at the garage a young man was very helpful as he went into the garage to get me a tin of Coke, naturally I cannot take my dog into a shop where there is food. I did not get the feeling there was going to be any trouble in Donegal street, it all seemed very relaxed when I left.

All except for David Pinnochio Lundy McIlveen that is.

Must post this to Kyle Lundy Paisley`s “MEDIA DARLING PAGE.”

Numbers 32:23 and be sure your sin will find you out.

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