In my experience it is not a good idea to make an immediate comment or judgement of horrific things which happen in other countries. It can take some time to get an accurate picture if what has happened or what is happening.

Since the murders in Charleston, I have only heard one person making sensible comments on the incident. The whole focus of the massacre deliberately and quickly moved from the massacre itself, to the distraction of the phony flag issue.

The focus of attention in the aftermath of the murders should have been fixed on why the congregation members of the Church did not have someone with a firearm who could quickly shoot the attacker dead?

The person I heard talking was making this point. He went on to say if any individual pulls out a gun in his particular congregation building they would be shot dead immediately.

The real plan of the so-called “American” government is to disarm ALL American citizens both white and black. They are willing to use any macabre ruse, “false flag attack” or any number of “false flag attacks”  in  order to bring this about.

Instead of whingeing about the Battle Flag Of North Virginia, why are non-Americans not calling for both black and white Church members to make sure they carry their own personal firearms, both in Church and outside Church.

It would be a good idea for all Congregation buildings to have their own legitimate, authorised armed guards with signs posted on the exterior of the building saying, “These premises are protected by armed guards, any unauthorised person who produces a firearm or any other lethal weapon within these premises will be immediately shot dead.”

By the way for all you dummies out their, the reason people fly the “Battle flag” in N. Ireland is because of the Scots/irish, Ulster/Scots association.

Absalom would have had a field day in N.Ireland leading simpletons up the garden path, there are simpletons everywhere, how else can you explain the loony “GRADUATED RESPONSE?”

2 Samuel 15:11
And with Absalom went two hundred men out of Jerusalem, that were called; and they went in their simplicity, and they knew not any thing.

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