This link will take you to an audio interview featuring Bill Maloney.

He makes the allegation that there are 76 MPs currently under investigation for sex offences, presumably mostly against children. That is over 10% of the current Westmonster Parliament.

He goes on to make further allegations that the already publicised refurbishment plans for Wesmonster and Buckingham Palace are not really refurbishment plans at all.  They are really an attempt to cover up all possible DNA links to sex offences which have been committed in these locations.

Queen to move out of Buckingham Palace.

What do you think? Is he a “Conspiracy Theorist?” or “A lone nut?” or is he bang on the money?

Here is an old clip of Bill Maloney talking about Leon Brittan.

Here is an old clip of him confronting Max Clifford.

Here he is confronting Nick Clegg.

Why have none of the “Unionist” parties ever outed any of the Westmonster paedos? It seems everyone knows who they are.

Even though many of them are well-known I will not be naming them here as it is important they are not given the opportunity to claim they cannot have a fair trial because of the publicity.

I am sure lots of real UK journalists know who they are a well.

Numbers 32:23 and be sure your sin will find you out.

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