Funeral of a

Funeral of a “Community Worker.”

There are lots of overseas readers who look at this site. I want to publish this story about a “Community Worker” who was shot dead in Belfast last week. The problem is, how can I convey the sense of what a “Community Worker” is to people who are from countries who do not have such “Community Workers.”

I think I have found a way of doing it.

There was a man who lived in Chicago in the 1920s, his name was Al Capone, he was a “Community Worker” in Chicago.

All the stuff they write about him being a “Gangster” is not true, he really was a Chicago “Community Worker.” lol lol

There was also a couple of guys who lived in London in the 1960s called Ronnie and Reggie Kray, they were “Community Workers” as well.

During the second world war there were “Community Workers” among the European Jews but they were not called “Community Workers.” They were called by another name, they were called KAPOS. Their role was to suppress their fellow Jews in order to save their own skins, plus many of them thought they would save themselves by currying favour with the Nazis.

There was also another man who was a very famous “Community Worker.”  His name was Klaus Barbie, you can read all about him on the internet. He did “Community Work” for the Nazis and for the CIA and for other people was well!

In N.Ireland we have very special kinds of “Community Workers” many of them have very sinister links to the “British intelligence services.” At a rough guess I would say everyone in this video is or was a “Community Worker” at one time or other.

So if you are from overseas and you read this and you do not have “Community Workers” in your country you will be able to explain to your fellow country men and women why “Community Workers” are not a very good idea.

Absalom was the type of guy who cultivated all the “Community Workers” he could find when he wanted to overthrow King David.

2 Samuel 15:11
And with Absalom went two hundred men out of Jerusalem, that were called; and they went in their simplicity, and they knew not any thing.

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