NigelAndrew Dodds DUP

I would be absolutely delighted to see the culprits behind the evil and sinister “dirty trick” used against Nigel Lundy publicly exposed.

Given that Nigel`s family situation relating to his late young son is publicly well known, it is evident that only an exceptionally malign intellect would have concocted such a ploy.

Who was behind the “dirty trick” is the big question?

Obviously Gerry Kelly and his IRA/MI5 cronies would be capable of such a dispicable action if it suited their purposes, however there is something about this scenario which does not fit.

If IRA/MI5 had been behind this action I strongly suspect they would have made sure the letters all arrived at their destinations on Thursday, the day of the poll, as it would have coincided with the press embargo on election coverage and would have made it impossible for the incident to be publicised until polling finished.

The whole thing seems to be more like one of the psyops which William McGrath was infamous for and for which he apparently excelled. He also had the diabolical mindset to perpetrate such an action. I wonder who taught McGrath all his “dirty tricks” methodoloy?

So, I would ask myself if there are any characters actively involved in “Unionist politics” today who may have been associated with William McGrath and may have learned such tricks from him? If there are I would be looking in their direction as the possible culprits.

Maybe some local MSM whore will look further into the matter?

2 Samuel 13:3
But Amnon had a friend, whose name was Jonadab, the son of Shimeah David’s brother: and Jonadab was a very subtil man.

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