If anyone takes the time to watch the video above they will find the guy in the video has a very unusual talent. He has the ability to make complicated things seem simple.

This is quite the contrary of so-called “Unionist politicians,” they possess the ability to make simple things seem complicated!

As I have mentioned the video above, I will explain what it is about. It is about winning in a situation where on the surface it seems impossible to win. The teacher in the video shows the tactics which can be successful by utilising the pawns.

“Unionist politics” is the same.  It is the task of the Unionist electorate to ensure that the “politicians” they elect become the pawns of the electorate, while taking great pains to ensure the “politicians” do not manage to manipulate the electorate into becoming the pawns of the “politicians!”

Naturally, as the video shows some pawns have to be sacrificed in order to win the game. In the past week we have seen Willie McLundy sacrificed for the greater good.



As time goes on other pawns will have to be sacrificed as well, namely Peter Pinnochio Punt and a certain JD from Lagan Valley.

Last week provided a great illustration of how the game is played and how “politicians” use their tricks to make the electorate into  their “politicians pawns.”

North Belfast provided a classic textbook case.  The Kincora Old Boys managed to conjure up a scenario which they used to frighten the electorate into voting for Nigel Lundy in big numbers.

They simply told people if you don`t get out and vote for Nigel, Gerry Kelly will win the seat. All the people who fell for that whopper of a lie immediately became the pawns of Nigel, Nelson and the Kincora Old Boys! In many instances they did not even realise they had become the mere pawns of Nigel,Nelson and co.

The trick involves not falling for the lie. Instead you simply say, “I am not voting for you, if Gerry Kelly gets elected I am holding you responsible because it is your lies, treachery and deceit which have created the situation which makes it possible for Gerry Kelly to be elected!”

Once you respond in that manner, Nigel, Nelson and the Kincora Old Boys become YOUR PAWNS. You now have the power to make or break them!

Did you hear Nigel thanking Nelson for running his election campaign?

Young Nelson An aassociate of William McGrath

Young Nelson
An associate of William McGrath

By the way, there is something about Nelson McCausland you may not be fully aware of. I am reliably informed he was once an associate of the notorious William McGrath. How he ever managed to join the Kincora Old Boys is beyond me because I can assure you the females of the Paisley family hated and loathed him with a passion and the chances of anyone going anywhere in the Kincora Old Boys if the Baroness did not like them was non-existent?

So, I ask myself, just how did Nelson manage to get into the party and rise to the rank of government minister? There must be someone, somewhere really looking after him!

I did notice during the election campaign a large number of moronic willing pawns urging people to become mere pawns in the hands of the Kincora Old Boys. I now regard all these morons and entities with great suspicion and I must ask them the classic question, “FOR WHOM ARE YOU DOING IT?”

Who in their right senses would be encouraging people to go out and vote for an out and out traitor who has been in government with the IRA for years? Then compound this idiocy by telling them you have to vote for Nigel to keep the IRA out?

The moral of the message is very clear, when the “Unionist electorate” start learning how to treat the so-called “Unionist politicians” like the mere pawns that they really are the sooner we will see the situation improve.

There is one more important lesson people need to learn. All “politicians” and religious “leaders” secretly fear the people. They will never admit this publicly but that fear exists and it is always there. That is why they inevitably resort to underhand tactics in order to keep the people in abeyance.

You may wonder how I know this? Well it is all very simple, the Bible tells me. You see, it is made clear the religious and political rulers would have murdered the Lord Jesus Christ long before they ever did. The major reason they could not carry out their murderous plan was because “they feared the people.”

Mark 11:18 And the scribes and chief priests heard it, and sought how they might destroy him: for they feared him, because all the people was astonished at his doctrine.

Luke 22:1 Now the feast of unleavened bread drew nigh, which is called the Passover. 2 And the chief priests and scribes sought how they might kill him; for they feared the people.

By the way, this is not a mere Chess game. It is much, much, more deadly than that!

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