Nigel after Cameron hits him a slap on the head.

Nigel after Cameron hits him a slap on the head.

It is laughable how gullible people are. Many Unionists actually think Nigel Lundy and his cronies are going to exert a major influence in a hung parliament.

Cocaine Cameron will just hit Nigel Lundy a good slap across the head and tell him to get into line. If he does not every detail about Kincora will be made public plus the stories about the Super Injunctions will come out and the Kincora Old Boys will be destroyed.

I suppose a people who are gullible enough to fall for “The Graduated Reponse Hoax” are capable of falling for anything.

2 Samuel 15:11
And with Absalom went two hundred men out of Jerusalem, that were called; and they went in their simplicity, and they knew not any thing.

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