In less than 12 month the leadership of the OO and “Political Unionism” have been compelled to invent a series of phony hoaxes in order to try a give the impression they are doing something to address the ongoing cultural war being waged against the PUL community.

The first phony hoax was the pathetic “Graduated Response.

The second was a few months ago when they announced the “Widespread Protest Hoax.”

The third hoax which is currently taking place at the minute, is “The Hung Paedo Parliament Hoax.”  They are trying to convince people that the Kincora Old Boys could exploit the problems caused by a “hung paedo parliament” for the good of the PUL community.

The whole idea is ludicrous. The British intelligence services have so much dirt on the Kincora Old boys they will ensure they never,never, never, never will be able to exert an influence on any “British” government of any hue and stripe.

In the last few days they have concocted another hoax, it is called “The Independent Review hoax.”

Have you ever witnessed such a pathetic straw clutching display?

The truth is the leadership of the OO and the leadership of “political Unionism” have not the backbone or the brains to take the appropriate action by fully confronting head on the Pope`s PSNI across the streets of N.Ireland. The Pope`s PSNI is only 7,000 strong and they cannot all be on duty at the one time.  It would not take much effort to break a “police service” of such a meagre size.

The OO leaders and political Unionist leaders are trapped in a fantasy land where they have to run a conveyor belt of increasingly pathetic phony hoaxes.

They have from now until the 12th of July to come up with a real whopper of a phony hoax, it will have to be something spectacular to outdo what they have already produced.

Turning Back in the Day of Battle

“The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle.”—Psalm 78:9.

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