Ecclesiastes 3:1 To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:

The tide of providence is strongly flowing in favour of Richard Kerr. It now looks like it is Richard Kerr who is calling all the shots?

Since first going public back in October, Kerr has now moved to center stage in the whole Westmonster Paedo scenario.

A situation has now been reached where he has a few options at his disposal. Let`s look at some possible options.

1. He could launch a law suit directly against the British government with the potential of getting a settlement going into millions of pounds. I read somewhere it is the law firm of Kevin Winters who are handling the Kincora victim`s cases. No doubt they would be delighted to drag the British government into court.

Richard has now one former British army intelligence officer who has publicly backed his plight and judging by his demeanour would be delighted to go into a court as a witness on behalf of Richard Kerr.

Yesterday another former MI6 spook has gone public and has added extra credibility to the Kincora victim`s testimony.  Perhaps some ex spooks are becoming spooked by the whole developing situation?

I am sure Kevin Winters will be happy to drag yesterday`s source of information into court if need be?

2. Since Richard has publicly stated he has given the names of perpetrators to the police you would naturally assume a police investigation is currently ongoing.  If such an investigation fails to bring about an appropriate prosecution for any reason then Mr Kerr has the option of having his abusers named publicly in the Westmonster Paedo Parliament using parliamentary privilege.

Make no mistake about it, if the “Unionist” MPs are requested to name and shame in Parliament they will have no choice but to comply and carry it out.  Both “Unionist” parties are already under great suspicion of being involved in indiscreet activity so they will have to act to avoid coming under even greater suspicion.

Three members of the Kincora Old Boys Association sponsored this Early day motion when Jimmy Saville died. So that is the calibre of people we are dealing with here!

“That this House mourns the death of Sir Jimmy Savile OBE who has died two days before his 85th birthday; recognises his enormous contribution to charitable giving, raising more than 40 million for charities during his lifetime; appreciates his essential Yorkshire character; remembers the smiles brought to the faces of children who appeared on Jim’ll Fix It; enjoyed his choice of music during his time as a disc jockey; and sends its condolences and sympathy to family and friends in Leeds, Yorkshire, the UK and throughout the world.”

3. The Channel 4 video featuring Richard Kerr has destroyed the credibility of the proposed CSA Inquiry. If Kincora, Dunblane and the Channel Islands are not included in the CSA Inquiry it becomes nothing more the a smoke and mirrors cover-up audaciously carried out in broad daylight.

4. It is time for all those within “political Unionism” to start talking publicly about what they knew about Kincora. Peter Pinnochio Punt can start the ball rolling by telling the public if a man called “Campbell” was ever a member of the DUP?


David Lundy Trimble has kept very quiet about Kincora, it is about time he told the public what he knows.  It is already in the public domain he was very glum at the prospect of his party bearing the brunt of the scandal as all the former DUP suspects had left it and now joined the Official Unionists.

All these revelations will only serve to strengthen the hand of Richard Kerr and all the other Kincora victims.


5. As a bonus there happened to be a news article in the last few days in which it was stated a number of other Kincora linked families want to speak out but they are too frightened to do so at the minute. The information was revealed by Margaret McGuikan who helps administer a support group for victims. Unfortunately I am unable to find a link to the article containing her statement at the minute but I am sure someone will be able to locate it.

Who knows, perhaps in a few months time those who are presently too frightened to speak out will lose their fears and let the public know what they have had to endure?

All in all, if this was a Chess game you would say Richard Kerr has a totally winning position, unfortunately in Chess some people will cheat in order to avoid a defeat!


I am certain the British government will try to cheat in order to escape this present plight or in order to minimise the damage which the paedo scandal is causing.

This will be too bad, as a study of providence shows, it is not a very good idea to oppose someone whom providence is so clearly favouring.

Esther is the classic example of providential favour removing all malign obstacles in her way.

Esther 4:14 and who knoweth whether thou art come to the kingdom for such a time as this?

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