A friend has sent me the full transcript of a book he had published in 2005. The title is Shabtai Tzvi, Labour Zionism and the Holocaust. The book was partly written to warn the Israelis what is being planned against them, particularly what is being planned for the Israelis who are termed “Settlers.”

The whole phony Middle East “Peace Process” is merely one gigantic ruse and it`s whole strategy is to bring about the eventual destruction of Israel and the annihilation of the Jewish people.

The Settlers in Gush Gatif were warned about what was being planned for them in great detail.  They were told how special army and police units were being brainwashed as a preparation to take action against them. They were told how the Israeli MSM and world MSM were going to demonise them in preparation for their forced removal. They were told how phony terrorist attacks would be staged in order for the blame to be laid on the Settlers.

The problem is, they could not believe any of the warinings they were given!

I have posted the first section of the first chapter of the book here.  The video at the end was produced by Settlers who found out the hard way that all the warnings they were given were true.

In the not to distant future ALL the nations of the world are going to unite in forcing all the Settlers to be forcibly removed from the rest of Judea and Samaria in order for that area to be turned into a “Palestinian State.”

If you have any perception at all you will see a similarity in the treachery template being used against the settlers in Israel and the PUL community in N.Ireland.



Note, YESHA is an acronym for the Israeli territories of Judea, Samaria and Gaza.



Poor deluded Israelis believe that the current moment of justice, when the government actually has freed the army to arrest their murderers, is a lasting trend. They will soon learn that the Oslo game is just on brief hold and the real goal of intimidating the Jewish residents of Yesha from their homes is merely on the backburner.

Admittedly, the more perceptive see the signs. Two more Yesha rabbis have been murdered in the past month, Shapira and Dickstein, upping the total to about an even dozen in the past four years. And there is no denying that the murder of Rabbi Eliahu Shapira of Peduel wasn’t random terrorism. He was ambushed by a highly trained hit squad which possessed exact intelligence about his whereabouts.

And another Arab girls’ school was bombed without deaths and again Jewish settler “extremists” were blamed. These same “extremists” blamed for similar school bombs in East Jerusalem and Tzur Bahr don’t exist.   They are the creation of a group of Shabak officers, working hand in hand with the CIA and PLO, to remove Israel and its citizens from Yesha. And guess who  the  Israeli behind the plot is? Read on:

CIA begins training Palestinian officers by Almira Hass Ha`aretz 17 September 2002.  I have posted the linked article below.

“A training course for Palestinian Authority security officers got underway yesterday in Jericho. The course is being run by a team of security experts from the Central Intelligence Agency, Jordan and Egypt, and is taking place at the Intercontinental Hotel in Jericho. ‘”The session will be part of a training program with the goal of developing the capabilities of the security services as part of the reforms launched by the Palestinian Authority,” head of West Bank preventive security, Zuheir Manasra, said on Sunday.

The current course will last 20 days, after which, different groups will be trained. “Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat gave his approval to the training, despite the fact that, according to Palestinian sources, Israel prevented 100 Palestinian officers from taking part. “According to Israeli sources, this is a very ‘preliminary’ stage of a U.S. plan to implement reforms in the Palestinian Authority.

The program was developed by a CIA team that spent several weeks in the region and met with senior Palestinian officials. Also involved in the plan were Egypt, Lebanon and Saudi Arabia. “As part of the reforms within the Palestinian Authority, the foreign security experts are helping train Palestinian security services, which both Israel and the United States accuse of not doing enough to prevent terror attacks against Israel. “Officers from the West Bank preventive security service, headed by Zuheir Manasra, were present at yesterday’s course, in addition to those of the Gaza Strip General Intelligence, headed by Amin al-Hindi.

Palestinian policemen and firemen also took part “According to Rashid Abu Shabak, head of preventive security in the Gaza Strip, the U.S. guaranteed the training program would be carried out as planned, but did not impose upon Israel to let everyone participate.

The ban on letting officers take part in the course is not a personal one, but rather aimed at certain organizations, such as the West Bank General Intelligence, headed by TawfikTirawi. “While the Palestinian Authority position remains that Palestinians should be able to kill non-civilians for the time being,

FM Peres praised the current training program run by the CIA, Egypt and others security services to improve the skills of PA security forces.”

There you have it. Shimon Peres and CIA director George Tenet are once again buttressing the PLO and the victims of the training will be Yesha jews. The plot of  the US scenario is to once again prove to Israelis and the world that the Jews of Judea and Samaria are violent irresponsible criminals whose biblical and historical claims to their homeland is forfeited by their murderous behavior.

This, the plotters believe, can be achieved by fabricating violent acts and blaming them on selected “settlers.” That requires agents planted in the Yesha Council and local councils providing exact intelligence on potential patsies.

So, let’s short-circuit the devious operation by naming these agents, from excellent sources. The first is a near legendary figure in the drama leading up to the Rabin assassination. His name is Nathan and he asked that I not publish his last name. It’s a weak firewall since many readers will recognize him, but it’s now up.

Less than a month before his murder, Rabin addressed a highly hostile group of a thousand English speakers at the Wingate Institute near Netanya. Before he made it to the podium, he was supposedly attacked by a religious settler with murderous intentions. The film of the attack was broadcast worldwide for days. The attack was a fake forged by the Shabak, Israel’s secret service.

The attacker was either chosen at random or by mistake. That was Nathan, as he explains: “I was standing with my seven year old son waiting to hear Rabin’s speech when I was attacked and beaten senseless. Then I was dragged away.” Unfortunately for the Shabak, they chose the wrong sucker to blame for attacking Rabin. Nathan had been the chief Rabbi of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem for seventeen years.

When his hearing was held, even radical leftists like Nomi Chazan testified that he was neither violent, nor extremist in his views. All charges against him were quickly dismissed. Not that Israelis know that, what they remember is that a radical settler tried to harm Rabin at the Wingate Institute, just before he was murdered.

‘The Shabak officer who tackled and beat me was Yuval Schwartz. He dragged me away and his beatings continued until I was taken to jail. I was told by people who know him that it was lucky I survived. I admitted nothing to him because there was nothing to admit. I was just standing in the crowd with no malevolent intentions towards anyone, including Rabin.

Even then I had the feeling that he was practising on me, seeing if he could get away with blaming an innocent person for attacking Rabin when he didn’t Now, I believe he was conducting a dry run for the Rabin murder.” Which has to be the right conclusion. Yuval Schwartz was the officer in charge of security for the November 4, 1995 rally where Rabin was murdered.

Two photos in my possession show Schwartz guarding Peres’ rear. And that` s where he stays until Rabin’s murder; behind or beside Peres. And that’s exactly where he was at the moment Rabin was shot. Moments before, the “amateur” film of the murder shows Schwartz conversing with Peres in front of Rabin’s limousine. He had far more interest in the movements of  Peres than the safety of the Prime Minister. That is mighty selective treatment by the Shabak’ s Head of Rally Security.

“When I was incarcerated, they placed three Shabak agents in my cell. Two have continued their work in Yesha since then. Everyone seems to think that Avishai Raviv was the only Shabak provocateur around. He’s just the one who got caught because he wasn’t very bright.  The ones in my cell were a lot smarter and have escaped indictment so far. It’s a matter of time. ‘

The less clever one was Sammy Ovadia. The Shabak recruited him because of embarassing family activity. Later, after the Rabin murder, they planted him and his wife in Har Bracha. Today he lives in Netanya. ‘

The bright one was Ronen Bar Shira. He had been at the top of the settlement bureaucracy; he was the registrar of the Gush Emunim youth movement. Now that must have been really handy for the Shabak. I learned he was recruited over financial irregularities. The two of them tried to trick me into incriminating myself over Rabin, like asking me if I knew how many settlers were trying to murder him, but there was nothing for them to find about me. But I found out who they were.”

Joel 3:2  I will also gather all nations, and will bring them down into the valley of Jehoshaphat, and will plead with them there for my people and for my heritage Israel, whom they have scattered among the nations, and parted my land.

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