Channel 4 news has been looking into the Westmonster peado rings scandal.  They are now carrying an interview with Richard Kerr, who tells of how he was intimidated by the police into remaining silent about Kincora.

March 2015 – ‘intimidated’ by police

Kincora victim Richard Kerr (video below), who says he was trafficked from Belfast to be abused in London, told Channel 4 News police had “intimidated” him because they did not want him to give evidence at the 1981 trial.

At the minute there is a great effort being made to make sure the Official Secrets Act is not used to silence potential whistleblowers.

What is needed is one or two very courageous whistleblowers to tell everything publicly via the MSM and all other avenues of media communication. They can then challenge the so-called UK government to take action against them!

If you cast your minds back to the post war Nuremberg trials. The Germans who use the defence “We were just following orders” were treated with deep scorn. It was not regarded as a legitimate excuse.

What is the difference between the post war Germans and the modern-day UK law enforcement personnel who are now claiming, “We cannot speak out because of the Official Secrets Act?”   They are no different to the Nazi war criminals, they are trying to justify their own cowardice by implying, “We had to follow orders.”

Instead of leading people up the garden path by getting people to sign petitions, Tom Watson would be of better service standing up in Westminster and telling everything he knows.

Leon Brittan managed to escape human justice because ALL the MPs in Westmonster were too frightened to name him! They tried to excuse their own cowardice by implying they did not want to name him because there may have been criminal charges brought against him lol  NO CHANCE, the whole thing was dragged out until he was good and dead.

Just like the phony CSA inquiry and the phony investigations into the police.  They will all be dragged out until most of the culprits are dead and gone.

The phony CSA inquiry would be more honest if it had been named, “The Bring Out Your Dead Peados Inquiry.”

Ezekiel 22:30
And I sought for a man among them, that should make up the hedge, and stand in thegap before me for the land, that I should not destroy it: but I found none.

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