The shameless individuals who brought you “The Graduated Response Hoax” just prior to the 12th July 2014 have once again emerged from the woodwork.  They have a new hoax for you this time. We can call it “The Widespread Protest Hoax.”

I would like to make it clear I will not be supporting any of these hoaxers proposed protests until I see a statement from the Orange Order “Leadership” like the one I am going to outline below.


The statement I want to see and hear from the OO “Leadership.”

“On such and such a date a parade will take place. It will be the biggest parade ever organised and assembled in  the history of N.Ireland.  The starting point for the parade will be the Orange hall in Clifton street and multiple other locations.

The parade will proceed up the Crumlin Road to it`s destination in Ballysillan playing fields.  The parade will be led by the Grand Orange Lodge leaders, accompanied by the leaders of  the “Unionist” political parties.  No notice of the parade will be given to the Parades Commission and no public or secret meetings with the Parades Commission will take place in order to discuss details of the parade.

No notice of the parade will be given to the Pope`s PSNI and no public or private meetings will take place with the Pope`s PSNI in order to discuss details of the parade.

In the word`s of Martin Luther, “Here we stand we can do no other.”


Until I see and hear the above statment or a statement expressing similar sentiments being issued from the OO “leadership” I will be nowhere near any protests, nor will I take anything said by the OO “leadership” seriously.

Here is a video from the 12th July 2014. Remember this, all the “Unionist” MP`s had every opportunity to expose Leon Brittan and the Westmonster Paedo rings. They remained silent and their silence condemns them as being guilty of covering up for Leon Brittan and his ilk. KITTY LOL LOL LOL

These are the type of people who now want the Unionist community to go out on the street and protest?

If I am not very much mistaken the “Widespread protest hoax” has been designed to end on May 10th, the day after the elections take place.

Isaiah 30:21 And thine ears shall hear a word behind thee, saying, This is the way, walk ye in it, when ye turn to the right hand, and when ye turn to the left.

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