You have to laugh at these people who strive to become political leaders of a nation. Nigel Farage has said, “Faceless corporation & politicians with vested interests backed UK Euro membership!”

All the current political elites in the UK are either too stupid or too frightened to tell the truth about the EU and how the UK was lured into it.

Now Farage has made the statement about “Faceless corporations etc,” he is going to look foolish if he does not publicly identify these malign entities. If he does not know who they are at the present moment he would need to find out sharpish.

I will give him a clue. It is true there are seemingly “Faceless” entities at work.  However the main player and the controlling “Corporation” is definitely not “Faceless.”

For centuries it has been known as “The Vatican.”  It controls ALL the “Secret societies” worldwide. It does not matter if they are “Islamic secret societies,” or “Jewish secret societies,” or “Apostate Protestant secret societies,” or even “atheistic secret societies,” they are ALL ultimately controlled by the Vatican.

Let`s take just one “secret society” like “The Knights of Malta” for instance. If you care to do your own research try finding out which individuals are members of it and how many of them are major controllers of major banks?

That is just one “secret society.”  You can try looking at the Freemasons after that. By the way many of the people have overlapping membership of two or more “secret societies.”

The stooges at the lower echelons of these malign organisations never get to find out who their real masters are.

Here is one of the most amusing instances relating “secret societies” ever broadcast on MSM.

When the guy said, “Groomed the American ruling class for generations”, he should have really said, “Groomed the Vatican Controlled American ruling class for generations.”

Let`s return to Nigel Farage, we can draw three conclusions about him due to his twitter statement.

1. He is too stupid to know who the “Faceless corporations” are controlled by?

2. He knows but he is too frightened to tell the truth?

3. He knows but he is also controlled by the same “Faceless corporation” and he is leading people up the garden path?

What do you think?

Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

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