The “British” government and the local politicians have just demonstrated their contempt for victims and their contempt for the general public by instigating in full public view, yet another cover-up regarding Kincora.

If you note Theresa`s statement, she says the “fullest possible” co-operation will be given to the Hart inquiry. This merely paves the way for the MOD to claim “we can only co-operate to the point where we do not jeopardise National Security.”

Thereby they will claim they have co-operated to the “fullest POSSIBLE” extent!

As I have pointed out in the title, the term “FULLEST POSSIBLE” does not mean total or absolute without limit co-operation.

Since the “British government” have decreed that Kincora should not be included in the CSA Inquiry we can only conclude that Kincora is much more explosive than anyone can imagine.  It would be reasonable to assume that much of the information circulating on the “Alternative Media” about Kincora is not too wide off the mark and the scandal itself engulfs members and associates of the Royal Family.

It is also highly likely that the predicament facing the “Unionist” community today stems from some degree to the sinister activities related to Kincora from the early 1970s.


You can note from media reports that Peter is disappointed to hear Kincora will not be included in the CSA Inquiry.

Well, he can assuage his disappointment by revealing whether a man called Campbell was ever a member of the DUP and whether he was ever a secretary of a local branch of the DUP?

Could this possibly be the Campbell the report is referring too? Perhaps Peter could let the public know?


Is this the man who Henry McDonald refers to as “THE DEMON PASTOR”

Since Theresa has blatantly tried to carry out this cover-up stunt in broad daylight and with the full glare of media scrutiny on her, it is time for the “Unionist” parties to declare she unfit to hold public office and demand her removal from N.Ireland.

They won`t of course!

It is clear NO UK government of any hue is ever going to willing set up a genuine inquiry to look into any of these matters.

To get anywhere it will take the constant inquiring from the ordinary UK public. It is now clear the UK media are just as untrustworthy as any UK government.

The Bible declares that the constant dripping of water can wear away a rock, just like the constant nagging of a wife can wear out the patience of the most patient of men.

It is only by the constant persistence of the public that any of this will ever be revealed.

Proverbs 29:15 A continual dropping in a very rainy day and a contentious woman are alike.

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