“Behind every great man there is a woman,” is a famous saying which has proved accurate on a number of occasions.

There have been very powerful men who have been greatly influenced by their wives, mothers or mistresses. Ahab and Jezebel are one of the most infamous examples of this proverbial saying.

Another well-known saying is very similar but it has been proved right on every occasion. It goes like this; “Behind every murderous terrorist organisation there is an Intelligence agency!”

At the moment the ISIS terror grouping is receiving world-wide attention but it was known about away back in 2012. It was claimed then that they were benefiting from, “arms and training from the U.S., Turkey, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.”  The author of the article was Aaron Kline, he has a reputation for publishing articles which seem absurd at the time of publishing but are proved accurate at a later date.

Last March a German publication claimed the same grouping were being trained by Americans in Jordan. Read the article for yourself here.

So, who is really pulling the strings of ISIS and what is the real purpose behind their seeming madness?

Many terrorists in whatever grouping they belong to are particularly vicious people, who are full of their own “self-importance.”  The devilish irony of the situation is the fact they are usually mere unimportant pawns in the hands of “older and more sinister men.”

It seems as if some of our very own GFA supporting, peace-processing, terrorist MI5 stooges,  have been arrested? The big question is; “For whom are they doing it?”

Like Blue Peter, “Here is one I prepared earlier,” about the so-called “Community workers” who are much beloved by many of the local MSM whores. 

Ezekiel 1:16 and their appearance and their work was as it were a wheel in the middle of a wheel.

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