Here is an Anti Terrorism video advert.

Last year the Terror parade was forced to re-route via Peter`s Hill. We do not want the same thing occurring this year.


There is no point stopping the Terror parade going through Royal Avenue then allowing it to proceed via another route. It must be stopped at Peter`s Hill as well.

There is no point stopping it at Royal Avenue and stopping it at Peter`s Hill then allowing it to proceed via Lower Donegall street and High street.  It must be stopped at Lower Donegal street as well.

No doubt the so-called “United Unionist Leadership” have thought of all these contingencies and have planned accordingly.

The “United Unionist Leadership” must now lead from the front and put themselves in the front line in Royal Avenue. All they have to do is stand in front of the Police and say, “The Terror Parade will only get down Royal Avenue over our dead bodies.”

If they do that, I am sure tens of thousands of ordinary Unionists will back them.  I am sure they would not like to go down in history as being like “the children of Ephraim.”

The so-called GRADUATED RESPONSE is a laughing stock and a deception!  It is time for “Unionism” to rid itself of ALL the MI5 controlled stooges.

Psalm 78:9 The children of Ephraim, being armed, and carrying bows, turned back in the day of battle.

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